What is aptX? Everything You Need to Know

Audio technology, like all technology, is rapidly advancing, and it can be challenging to keep up with and even understand what certain abbreviations mean. For example, one of the most common that is used with Bluetooth-enabled audio devices is “aptX.”

That being said, what exactly is it?

AptX is essentially audio compression technology that is most commonly used in wireless audio devices. It works by compressing and decompressing audio as it is transmitted from the source to the receiving unit to maintain the best quality possible. It also delivers audio as fast as possible with minimal delay, effectively lowering the latency, which is paramount when it comes to gaming headphones.

What Makes aptX So Great?

AptX technology was created in the 1980s to broadcast audio from one device to the speakers with minimal delay and quality loss. While using a wired connection will still give you little to no delay, this format is considered almost lossless. This is due to the fact that the transmission waves have to travel some distance through the air to emit the audio data they are carrying. 

This compression algorithm delivers more audio information than previous formats and uses smaller data files to do so. Having said that, aptX gives you better quality sounding audio, but ultimately it comes down to the speakers that are on the receiving end. If you have cheap speakers that art aptX enabled, it isn’t going to make it sound better magically.

Who Is aptX For?

If you are using Bluetooth audio devices, then aptX is for you. This near lossless algorithm gives users the best quality sound possible, plus it’s also easier on your batteries. Because it decodes smaller data packages, it doesn’t use as much power.

While this is a great feature to give listeners the best quality possible, unfortunately, it isn’t available on all electronic devices. Apple products do not support AptX. This means that even if you have a device that is aptX enabled, iPhones use different technology, so it won’t work no matter what model you have.

GravaStar Sirius P5

One of the newest Bluetooth earbuds that are making waves on the market is GravaStar’s Sirius P5. These small and lightweight earbuds support aptX using a Qualcomm 3046 chip and deliver true wireless stereo-quality sound to users. This particular chip optimizes the battery power while emitting the best quality sound possible.

The Qualcomm 3046 chip is one of the main reasons why the Sirius P5 earbuds have an incredible battery life of eight hours before needing to be charged again.

While these earbuds might have the cutting edge of aptX Qualcomm chips in them, they are truly unique. These lightweight earbuds, as you would guess, come with a carrying case that also charges them and holds enough power for five more full charges to give users an incredible forty-eight hours of listening time. That isn’t what makes them unique, though. The Sirius P5 is the first and only set of Bluetooth headphones to offer interchangeable shells that go around the charger. 

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