Not from the earth

GravaStar was born from the founder Yong’s vision to create a futuristic, cyberpunk world fusing sci-fi with hi-fi. The brand was established to merge mecha, metal, and technology in everyday products. With over 10 years of industrial design experience, Yong uses his personal passion to produce design-driven, hyper-modern playable collectibles that don’t compromise on sound quality.

A New Breed in Audio Equipment

GravaStar is incredibly different from any other brand and is inspiring customers to incorporate a mecha sci-fi look into their daily lives. Throughout his design career, Yong worked on mecha concept drawings in his spare time and the GravaStar products take inspiration from classics such as Transformers, Gundam, and Star Wars. 

awesome team make awesome products

We’re a team of designers, engineers, gamers, music fans, explorers, and other visionaries, working together to achieve one common goal - to build products and sound experiences that you can’t get anywhere else and which go beyond your wildest fantasies.