About us

The story of Gravastar has begun with some of sketches.

Gravastar team includes engineers, designers, craftsmen, cartoonists, game lovers, music fans, explorers and etc., who worked together to create Gravastar. 

We are tired of with the similar design of the products in the market. We wanted to be different and create something crazy, cool and interesting for the global trendy players. We hope people can feel and experience totally different products. 

Gravastar Mars is our first products. When we released Gravastar Mars in Indiegogo, we got a lot of supports from the backers in the world. They liked our design very much, shared our project with their friends and left very positive comments on the review. The crowdfunding was ended very successfully. 

We were so touched by the result and it inspired us continue to walk the path of innovation no matter how difficult it is. 

The story of Gravastar will continue. 

We will design all of our concepts from the ground up and pursue to make unique, cool and highest quality products over everything else.

From a single idea to an ultra-portable real product, we will consequently build out a whole line up of tools that everyone can enjoy and change the life that everyone has. 

Please stay tuned!

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