The Best Gifts for Gundam Fans

Gundam Wing is one of our favorite anime series here at GravaStar. The giant robots fighting in space between forces from Earth and the surrounding colonies in the solar system captured our interest and imagination for years. 

This series was incredibly popular and successful and inspired many futuristic, cyberpunk, and industrial designs and games. This brings us to these great gift ideas for fans of Gundam Wing that have been looking for headphones or speakers that reflect this aesthetic. Read more below as we highlight some of the best products by GravaStar.

Mars Pro

The Mars Pro is a Bluetooth speaker with serious style, attitude, and sound. This orb-shaped speaker is constructed from a durable zinc alloy; it will make you feel like you’ve got a piece of the Gundam universe in your possession.

Deploy the three legs to have it stand wherever you like and fill your room with crystal clear sound and heavy bass. You can toggle the RGB lights to one of six colors, a random light show, or synch with your music for a truly unique and immersive experience.

Sirius P5

GravaStar’s Sirius P5 is the newest product in their Sirius line of earbuds. These small but capable earbuds have incredible sound with two different settings: games and music. The music setting gives crystal clear and concert hall quality sound, while the game mode has an incredibly low latency of 48 m/s.

Like most Bluetooth earbuds, the carrying case doubles as a charger. These earbuds hold a charge for eight hours of uninterrupted listening, while the case can bring them to full power another four times.

What makes the Sirius P5 so unique, though, is the interchangeable shells. There are three different styles to choose from right now, with more coming soon. The Defense Mecha shell was constructed specifically for a Gundam pilot, while the Defense Armor looks like it would be a piece of equipment stored on an intergalactic ship.


The Venus is another Bluetooth speaker from GravaStar. It’s smaller than the Mars Pro but still produces excellent sound and is also made from the same hardy zinc alloy. Thanks to Venus’ unearthly orb shape, it also helps to fill the room with sound and gives the bass an extra kick.

If it’s not loud enough, you can synch two of them up for double the sound. The futuristic look of this small Bluetooth speaker is enhanced with 6 RGB light settings that are adjustable at the touch of a button.

Sirius Pro

The Sirius Pro is another well-crafted piece of audio equipment from GravaStar, staying true to the futuristic design and Gundam aesthetic. These Bluetooth earbuds use Knowles balanced armatures to give you the highest quality sound with a great bass kick. The earbuds have three settings, giving users a better experience with movies, games, and music.

When in game mode, the Sirius Pro utilizes 3D stereo sound and has a latency of 65 m/s for a more immersive gaming session. The sturdy cases come in five different colors, some of which look like they have survived their fair share of space battles.

The future has arrived with these amazing-sounding and well-designed speakers and headphones. They deliver everything that a true Gundam fan could possibly want: outstanding sound, durable construction, and a futuristic design.

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