What is ENC - Environmental Noise Cancellation?

Environmental Noise Cancellation is a feature that is often put into headphones, especially those with microphones. The name gives you an idea of what it does, but what does it actually do?

This technology was initially created with the aviation industry in mind. Pilots in cockpits had a difficult time hearing communications over the sound of the engine, so engineers developed this technology that would improve their ability to communicate without sacrificing their hearing. Essentially, it blocks out ambient sounds that might be louder than what is coming through the audio feed without having to turn the volume up very high.

As this technology has improved over time, environmental noise cancellation has been incorporated into the wireless headphones and earbuds that are so common now. One company that makes some of the highest-quality noise-cancellation features for these devices is Qualcomm.

They have made great steps in enhancing these capabilities through their patented CVC 8.0 technology. This clear voice capture works by balancing out background sounds, so the person on the other end of the call only hears your voice. It also works efficiently to reduce auditory delay and obnoxious voice echoes.

GravaStar’s Sirius P5

One great set of Bluetooth earbuds is the Sirius P5 headphones by GravaStar. These little earbuds have a great sound quality and come with two different settings: music and games. Switching between these two modes will give you either concert-quality audio or 3D sound to detect sounds above or behind you when playing your favorite games.

The Sirius P5 comes equipped with Qualcomm’s CVC 8.0 technology, so communication is crystal clear. It is capable of filtering out up to 30 decibels of background sound to help keep your conversations going. The technology essentially isolates the sound of your voice and filters the rest out, but fascinatingly enough, the longer you are on a call, the better it works.

In addition to this incredible technology, GravaStar’s Sirius P5 has quite the battery life. On a single use, the earbuds provide up to eight hours of listening with the ability to revive your earbuds four more times in the charging case. The case is nondescript, but what makes it stand out is the interchangeable shells that it fits into. There are three styles to choose from to customize your look, with plans to expand the product line and make more.

Final Thoughts

These fabulous earbuds are a great option for those that want great performance without sacrificing aesthetics. The battery life, ENC capability, as well as cool interchangeable shells give users the best quality and ultimate freedom when it comes to choosing the best earbuds for them!

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