Sirius P5 Earbuds: The 1st Earbuds With Interchangeable Cases

Sirius P5 Earbuds: The 1st Earbuds With Interchangeable Cases

GravaStar’s Sirius P5 earbuds are TWS headphones. The headphones provide 8 hours of listening time and fit snugly into a handy charging case that can hold a total of 40 hours' worth of battery power. The P5 earbuds are IPX4 water-resistant and have multiple audio settings as well as a low latency mode for an enhanced gaming experience.

So what is it that makes the Sirius P5 different than the previous models?

These high-quality headphones tuck into their charging case, which in turn, fits into an interchangeable shell. These shells provide users the opportunity to customize and collect different cases to match or change their style. GravaStar is actually the first and only company to offer this unique feature for Bluetooth headphones!

Currently, there are three different styles of cases, with plans to expand the product line and introduce more. These cases house the charger by opening up in a similar fashion to Zippo-style lighters with the click of a button. These sturdy cases are constructed from zinc alloy and durable plastic to ensure your headphones and charging case are safe from falling out or being dropped on the floor.

The Interchangeable Cases

As of right now, GravaStar offers three different interchangeable cases for users. Don’t worry; it isn’t just different colors. Each case has a different color and style that is quick and easy to swap out when you want to shake things up a bit and express yourself.

Defense Armor is a futuristic cyberpunk case that is a beautiful brushed grey color. This case looks like a piece of military hardware found on a ship in deep space. It encapsulates the top and bottom with a few openings so the charging case can peek out.

For those that prefer something with a bit more Gundam Wing aesthetic, Defense Mecha is a perfect choice. It is a solid piece of white with red markings on the front and back. This strong case could protect its precious cargo from blasters from an enemy fighter.

The Defense Crystal case is a bright and fun shell to house your GravaStar earbuds. Its bold colors are reminiscent of distant neon lights in the rain. In addition, the translucent case gives users a nice pop of color when worn on the provided necklace chain.

GravaStar’s Sirius P5 line of headphones is a great way for users that want superior audio quality without having to compromise visual appeal. With three different cases available upon the initial release and more to come, you can find one that suits you best!

Wrapping Up

The Sirius P5 interchangeable shells are a great addition to the incredible-sounding earbuds. They snap open with the touch of a button, close tightly, and are made from high-quality materials. The sturdy construction gives users peace of mind that the earbuds or charger won’t be damaged if they hit the floor. But, with the three different styles and more to come, users can swap out the cases to achieve a specific look!

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