GravaStar Sirius Pro VS Sirius P5: Which One is Right For You?

GravaStar Sirius Pro VS Sirius P5: Which One is Right For You?

Today we will look at two of GravaStar’s earbuds: the Sirius Pro and the Sirius P5.

These are two fantastic products from the Sirius line of products. Both Sirius Pro and Sirius P5 have lots of attractive features, amazing sound quality, and unique aesthetics to round everything off. You no longer have to settle for boring earbuds like the other options on the market. These set themselves apart from the competition in so many different ways.

Let’s take a closer look at each one and have a quick overview of all the features. 

Cases and Shells

At first glance, both models look like something out of a sci-fi movie with their industrial and cyberpunk designs. The Sirius Pro’s case is constructed out of a durable zinc alloy and snaps open with the touch of a button to give you access to the earbuds stored inside. There are five different colors to choose from matte black, war-damaged grey, war-damaged yellow, space grey, and neon green. That’s not all; the case also doubles as a bottle opener!

The Sirius P5 also houses the earbuds within the charger case, but it has an amazing feature: it has interchangeable shells. Currently, it is the only product on the market with this capability. In addition, there are three unique styles that you can swap out to match your outfit or personal style: Defense Mecha, Defense Armor, and Defense Crystal. They are all constructed from durable plastic and zinc alloy so that they will last.


Sound quality is of the utmost importance when it comes to audio equipment. Nobody wants to listen to music, movies, or gaming audio with subpar equipment, which is why GravaStar has taken the time to ensure that their earbuds perform spectacularly.

The Sirius Pro earbuds give you incredible sound quality in such a small package. These in-ear earbuds deliver true wireless stereo sound with their Knowles armature balance and 7.2mm drivers. There are three different settings for games, movies, and music. When in gaming mode, they have virtual stereo sound to help locate enemies above, behind, and below you and have an impressive latency of 65m/s. Switching between the three modes is easy as pressing a button located on the earbuds. In addition to canceling environmental noise, they also provide in-ear detection for a smarter earbud.

Looking at the Sirius P5, these in-ear buds also produce great sound and deep bass. They are a little smaller in size than the Pro model, but that doesn’t mean that the sound quality diminishes by any means. The P5 has an impressive 12mm dynamic driver that emits aptX high-definition sound. They only have two settings for gaming and music, but they still put out immersive sound and an even lower latency of 48m/s when in gaming mode for less delay.

Battery Life

Battery power is another important factor when considering Bluetooth earbuds. Like other similar products on the market, the Sirius Pro’s case doubles as the charger and carrier when they are not in use. The earbuds have a battery life of four hours, while the charger holds enough juice for three more full charges, essentially giving you 16 hours of listening time.

The Sirius P5, as we previously mentioned, are smaller in size, but they have some big features. One of which is the battery power. These give you an impressive eight hours on a single charge of uninterrupted listening time, plus five more full charges in the case. You’d be hard-pressed to find many Bluetooth earbuds that can match that.

Final Thoughts

Both Sirius Pro and P5 give users many great features and the ability to stand out from the crowd, but the real question is: which is right for you?


The sound quality of both of these earbuds is fantastic. With rich sounds and deep bass, they add depth to your music and gaming experience. There are two main differences between these to consider. The Pro offers three sound settings and in-ear detection, whereas the Sirius P5 only has two settings. Despite the lower latency of the P5 when in gaming mode, audiophiles and gamers will appreciate the Sirius Pro more.

If you love in-ear design, choose Sirius Pro, if you love open-ear design, get P5. 

If battery life matters for you and you don't want to charge your earbuds a lot, P5 will be the best choice. 

If the sound quality is the top thing to consider, get Sirius Pro as the Knowles armature balance is still strong!

If you are always hassle between different Zoom calls, Sirius P5 will be a better choice as we have Qualcomm CVC noise cancellation on P5. 

If you love the unique design and the zinc alloy made quality, get the Pro, as it's really gonna surprise you when you hold it on your hands. 

If you have the limited budget, P5 could be your choice. It has the best value with limited budget. 

So, now do you know which one you should get? Happy shopping!

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