The Best Alien Bluetooth Speakers

The Best Alien Bluetooth Speakers

Bose, Sonos, JBL, Harman Kardon…they’re all premium speaker brands but what else do they have in common? They’re also all minimalistic and to be completely honest–rather bland. They sit in your living room, and your office, and your kitchen, but they might as well be another boring appliance that takes up space and produces amazing-quality sound.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a speaker that not only served as a speaker but as a conversation piece, or something that ties your mancave together–or just makes you happy to look at?

I certainly think it would. That’s why I’ve taken the time to compile 4 alien-themed speakers that I think will add awesomeness and interest to any room that you place them in.

1. GravaStar Mars Pro Speaker

I saved what I believe is the best brand and the best quality, for last. GravaStar is the name of the planet that all of its products are characters on. Pretty cool, right? We’ll be taking a look at two of their characters: Mars Pro and Venus.

The first “character” we’ll be doing a rundown on is the Mars Pro. This has the longest battery life of any of the speakers that we’ve reviewed so far–15 hours!! Additionally, the speaker has 6 RGB lights and a Bluetooth 5.0 capability that can transmit up to 15 meters away. The RGB lights can be set to a single color, to shuffle, or even to change to the beat of your music!

Changing the volume on your speaker can be a hassle; you either have to turn a knob and rotate your wrist multiple times to get your desired volume, or turn a tiny dial that’s embedded inside a speaker with a cerated edge that is hard on your finger and just plain frustrating. The Mars Pro bucks that trend with a touch controlled volume slider. Simply slide your finger to the desired volume level, and for each tick that you slide your finger across, it lights up.

Now for the sound. The Bluetooth speaker has built-in, exclusive DSP audio algorithms that give you a deep bass, accurate mids, and crisp highs. Combined with an equal-loudness contour, you get a powerful sound experience. The bass works with both low and loud volumes and the Mars Pro can be synced with another Mars Pro speaker for immersive listening. 

2. JLSCR 7-ARC STAR Levitating Speaker

This Death Star lookalike is the perfect addition to any Star Wars-themed room that you may have. Not only does this speaker have Bluetooth and NFC capabilities, but as long as it is connected to a wired power source, you can use the USB port to charge your devices as well! With 8 hours worth of battery power you can use this for dinner parties, or just as background noise during your workday. 

3. GravaStar Venus Speaker

Last, but certainly not least, the GravaStar Venus speaker. The Venus speaker has a lot of similar specs to the Mars Pro; Bluetooth 5.0, 6 RGB lights, and a short charging time (although the battery life is slightly shorter, at 10 hours). So you’re probably wondering what makes it different from the Mars Pro, am I right? *Drumroll* It weighs 1 pound. That’s right, 1lb.

This is the perfect speaker for traveling. I know what you’re probably thinking now: “it must not produce great sound if it only weighs 1 pound!” And that’s where you would be wrong. The DSP algorithms on the Venus are similar to those of the Mars Pro and the unique technology allows for great bass output. 

If you’re traveling with the Venus, it only weighs 1 pound, so what’s more to get a second one and only be carrying 2 pounds worth of speakers? The speakers can be synced just like the Mars Pro’s and create an immersive sound experience while you’re on the go. If you’re looking for something that you can travel with, these are the speakers for you.


The Mars Pro is great if you have an alien-themed room and you want high quality sound, plus speakers that blend in with the rest of the aesthetic. The price is definitely justified with the quality of the sound output, the battery life, and the RGB lights. But more importantly, it is definitely the coolest looking speaker I have ever seen. In fact, it does not even look like a speaker, it truly looks like an alien robot. 

The JLSCR (that’s a mouthful) is great if you want a conversational piece for a specific room to play background music. The sound quality isn’t as good as the other speakers but you trade that for the cool levitating aspect. 

The Venus is a no-brainer alien speaker for traveling. Maybe you’re going to a golf tournament or throwing a party, or even using it as a hiking companion, it’s a great product for all of those things. I think this is where you get the best value. 

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