7 Best Tech Gifts to Buy for Gaming Fans

What do you get for the gaming fanatic in your life? While the latest game may be the obvious choice, there are plenty of tech-themed gifts that will please any gaming aficionado – yourself included, of course. Take a look below at seven of our top picks.

1. GravaStar Mars Pro Speakers

A good quality speaker is a necessity for any gamer, and GravaStar’s Mars Pro Bluetooth speaker is one of the best of the bunch. Taking inspiration from sci-fi films and games with its cyberpunk design, it’s at home in the gaming set-up of any sci-fi or fantasy gamer. 

It’s also got the power to do any gaming soundtrack justice, and comes with built-in, exclusive DSP audio algorithms for a deep, punchy bass, as well as an equal-loudness contour for an immersive and powerful audio experience. And did we mention the RGB lights?

2. PlayStation Backlight  

There’s no denying that a little bit of lighting can completely alter a gaming setup, whether it's the RGB lights on a keyboard or GravaStar Mars Pro Bluetooth speaker, or this PlayStation backlight.

It features the instantly-recognisable symbols in various different colors, and comes with three lighting modes for you to choose from. It’s even reactive to music, so there’s no excuse not to crank up the volume. It’s sure to set the mood for your next gaming session – providing you prefer Playstation over XBox.

3. Retroid Pocket 2 Plus

Want a real nostalgia trip? This Retroid Pocket 2 Plus handheld gaming console will transport you right back to the 80s or 90s. Taking inspiration from classic retro gaming consoles, it allows you to seamlessly play thousands of games on the go, and features a touch display, a Tiger T310 SoC and 2GB of LPDDR4x RAM to ensure a smooth gaming experience.

It can even be hooked up to the TV if you fancy playing with a bigger screen. To add games to the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus, simply download the console’s app and scroll through a mountain of popular titles, from GTA to Tomb Raider.

4. Sirius Pro Earbuds

For gamers who want to cut out the world around them when immersing themselves in their favorite game, a pair of high-tech earbuds is a must. The GravaStar Sirius Pro Earbuds take aesthetic inspiration from war-damaged, dystopian futures – what better to play Atomic Heart with?

Promising an impressive audio quality for game play, they are built with DSP audio algorithms, and deliver a clear and crisp sound thanks to Bluetooth 5.2 technology. They also have in-ear detection and 3D surround sound with custom modes specific for gaming, as well as music and movies. What more could you want?

5. Elden Ring Figurine

For any gamer, classic gaming merchandise and collectibles should be top of the list of things to buy. Any fan of Elden Ring will love this S.H.Figuarts Festering Fingerprint Vyke figurine from the iconic fantasy game.

It comes complete with Vyke’s war spear and ‘flame of frenzy’ parts, allowing you to easily re-create dramatic scenes. But it will look equally as impressive sitting on a shelf or desk with a variety of other collectibles.

6. Tobbie AI Robot

From Shodan in System Shock, to Claptrap in Borderlands, everyone knows the importance of a trusty robot sidekick when on your next quest – so why not have your own? Tobbie, the AI robot, makes the perfect gaming companion. Tobbie uses ultra-intelligence to interact with you, and is even able to respond with gestures and emotions.

Tobbie has two settings – ‘Follow Me’ and ‘Explore.’ Explore allows him to navigate his surroundings on his own accord, using his smart infrared sensor. With the ‘Follow Me’ mode, he uses an IR sensor to detect movement and follow anything he senses, making him the perfect gaming sidekick. 

7. The Valari Gaming Pillow

Is there anything worse than straining your back or neck during an intense gaming session? Luckily, it doesn’t have to be the case. The Valari gaming pillow is a must for a serious gamer.

The lightweight and comfy pillow prevents any aches and pains in the shoulders and neck as a result of hours of gaming, and even improves posture. All you need to do is pop it on your lap and enjoy hours of pain-free gaming.

Check out our other blogs for more inspiration, or shop the GravaStar Mars Pro and Venus Bluetooth speakers.



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