10 Gifts For Sci-fi Fans: The Coolest Things You Should Have

10 Gifts For Sci-fi Fans: The Coolest Things You Should Have

Between Stranger Things and Obi Wan Kenobi, sci-fi has never been so popular which means, whether you're a die-hard sci-fi fanatic or just partial to a bit of 80s nostalgia, there's plenty of gifts on the market for you or the sci-fi aficionado in your life. Take a look at our top 10 picks below to get you inspired.

1. GravaStar Mars Pro Speakers

Upon first glance, you may think that the GravaStar Mars Pro is a robot prop from a famous sci-fi film, but the intergalactic-looking character is actually a powerful Bluetooth speaker and it's designed by GravaStar. It features a passive bass radiator for an immersive sound, as well as a 15 hours battery life, and can even be paired with another Mars Pro for a powerful stereo experience.

The inspiration for GravaStar's futuristic designs heavily stems from sci-fi films, such as Transformers and Star Wars, as well as video games like StarCraft. From its industrial appearance and RGB lights, to the hyper-focus on the best audio technology, the GravaStar Mars Pro is right at home on Tatooine – or alternatively, on the desk of any sci-fi buff or audiophile.

2. Star Fluxx Game

Ditch the video games for an evening for a nostalgic sci-fi experience with Star Fluxx. The card game allows you to journey through the vastness of space with your captain, engineer and crewmen, and explore aliens, planets and robots along the way. Each time you play, the rules of the game can drastically change, making it the perfect gift to enjoy hours of intergalactic fun with friends.

3. Stranger Things Hawkins poster

While ordinarily we'd like to leave battling the Upside Down to the experts, we can make an exception for this 80s-inspired Stranger Things poster. It features a bright graphic of the Mind Flayer bursting through the flames and taking over the city of Hawkins, Indiana…but we're sure Eleven and the gang won't be far away. Not to mention, its metal composition makes it super sturdy and durable, and the perfect centerpiece for the wall of any sci-fi aficionado.

4. Obi Wan Kenobi Funko Pop!

If the sci-fi fanatic in your life won't stop talking about the newest Star Wars spin-off, then the latest stint from Funko Pop! is the perfect gift. Taking inspiration from the Disney miniseries, this Obi-Wan Kenobi figurine sees the Jedi embarking on his next quest on his Eopie in the brand's typical cartoony style. It goes on sale September 26, so keep an eye out to avoid disappointment. Looking for more pop culture collectibles? Take a look at our recent blog.

5. GravaStar Sirius Pro Earbuds

Any sci-fi buff will know a thing or two about time travel, and GravaStar's Sirius Pro earbuds will transport you to the future – both with their advanced audio and hyper-modern design. Featuring GravaStar's exclusive DPS audio algorithms, they provide a full, immersive sound experience delivered through Bluetooth 5.2 True Wireless Stereo.

Also you will enjoy well-balanced, punchy bass and 3D surround sound for an audio that will put you right in the scene of your favorite music, game or movie. Opt for the War-Damaged yellow or gray set to be taken away to a dystopian future.

6. Blade Runner Whiskey Glasses

Want to be the next Rick Deckard? This set of two glass whiskey glasses is a replica of what was actually used in the Blade Runner movie. The glasses were designed by Italian designer Cini Boeri in 1973, and Ridley Scott himself even selected the CIBI Double Old Fashioned Whiskey Glass for the movie thanks to its striking, futuristic design. It's enough to transport you right into the dystopian future in Los Angeles – sans the decaying artifacts and deserted plains.

7. GravaStar Ferra Phone Case

Finding a phone case that protects your phone from drops and scrapes whilst still fitting the sci-fi aesthetic isn't always easy, but this one will impress any space buff. GravaStar's Ferra phone case takes inspiration from futuristic cars, cyberpunk and the distant future to create a sturdy case that will withstand everyday use – whether or not you're on a voyage through time and space.

8. A Lightsaber Replica

A lightsaber replica belongs in the home of any sci-fi or Star Wars fan. But with so many on the market, it can be hard to know which one to go for. The Hasbro Black Series has been voted one of the best. Each lightsaber comes with LED lights, sound effects, and is based on the designs from the Star Wars universe. Before your purchase for the sci-fi fan in your life, make sure you know whether their alliance lies with Jedi or the Sith.

9. Cyberpunk Lamp

Inspired by the not-so-distant future, this circuit board desk lamp is an ideal gift for anyone who wants to turn their home into a sci-fi paradise. Handmade from wood, it's sculpted to a hyper-modern, cyberpunk design, with the cut-out circuit board detail making way for the LED lights to shine through and light up your space. It even comes with a controller to allow you to choose the lighting and color mode that best reflects your mood.

10. Star Trek: Picard Magnetic Delta Badge

Fancy yourself the next captain of the Enterprise? This Star Trek Picard badge will have you traveling warp speed through the universe in search of new planets (though, we will be avoiding Qo'noS). Designed with the iconic Delta insignia in bright silver over a matte finish black nickel, this magnetic badge will allow you to boldly go where no man has gone before.

For more inspiration, take a look at GravaStar's Mars Pro or shop the Sirius Pro earbuds.

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