How to Connect TWS Earbuds (Ultimated Guide and Solutions)

The introduction of Bluetooth technology has changed so much in our world. Now, more and more devices that used to rely on wired connections to operate are going wireless. This has given rise to wireless keyboards, mice, speakers,headphones, and even household appliances. Thanks to Bluetooth, this has led to the introduction to true wireless stereo, or TWS earbuds.

Read our guide below that outlines the key factors of TWS earbuds and how to connect them to various devices, so you can finally be free of unnecessary and frustrating tangles.

TWS: What’s the Deal?

TWS earbuds are similar to Bluetooth in that they employ Bluetooth technology and are totally wireless. TWS gives you stereo sound instead of mono. Your earbuds can work independently of each other giving you better quality and fully immersive sound. Bluetooth earbuds connect to your phone wirelessly, but they are connected by a wire.

TWS earbuds also come with a convenienct and compact charging and carrying pod. When you don’t want to use them or need to charge them, simply put them in the case. Only when the case runs out of battery do you need to charge it using a cord, otherwise, the whole system is entirely cordless and gives you more freedom to move around and go about your business.

To offer more freedom and control, TWS earbuds come with touch based commands on the units themselves. Instead of having to use your phone to control them, you can answer or hang up calls, adjust volume and audio type in some cases, and skip songs simply by touching or pressing the earbud a few times. 

Getting Connected

Connecting your device is pretty simple, but just in case there are any hiccups, we have some steps to follow for phones, laptops, and a the Nintend Switch.

Android Phones

If you phone uses the Android operating system, then follow these easy steps to connect your TWS earbuds.

  • Put the earbuds in pairing mode
  • Open your phone and go to Settings>Network>Bluetooth 
  • Find the name of the device that you are trying to pair with and select it
  • When it is connected, it will move to the top and sometimes give you a notification that it is paired.


This following steps work to connect your iPhone or iPad to TWS earbuds. 

  • Put the earbuds in pairing mode
  • Open your phone and press Settings>Bluetooth. Turn on your Bluetooth connection.
  • Find the name of the device and select it
  • When connected to the device of your choosing, it will say “connected” next to it.


Follow these simple steps and in a few quick clicks, you can pair your TWS earbuds to your laptop or even PC in some cases.

  • Put the earbuds into pairing mode
  • Open the Start menu on your laptop or PC
  • Select Settings>Bluetooth and Devices
  • Turn on Bluetooth on Add Bluetooth 
  • Find the device, click on it and enjoy wireless listening capabilities

Nintendo Switch

If you want are a gamer on the go and want to enjoy a totally wireless gaming experience, then follow these simple steps!

  • Put the earbuds into pairing mode
  • From the Home screen go to System Settings
  • Select Bluetooth Audio>Pair Device
  • Find the desired device and select it for total wireless freedom

How to Solve Common Issues With TWS

As with any electronics, there can be some issues and complications with them working properly. Luckily we have some quick fixes and solutions to some of the most common problems that users encounter below.

Earbuds Keep Getting Disconnected

One common issue with wireless devices is they get disconnected from time to time. This is usually due to one of two problems. The first of which is the distance between devices. Make sure that you stay within the area that they are able to communicate with one another and avoid any obstacles between them that might cause interference.

The second quick fix is to make sure the TWS earbuds are fully charged. Sometimes when the battery is low, this can lead to a drop in connection.

One Side Not Working

Sometimes you might be stuck with just the left or the right side working. There are a few different issues that could cause this. To fix this, make sure that both earbuds are fully charged, as well as the charger. Plug the earbuds into the charging case for a few minutes. Sometimes, it might be necessary to disconnect the earbuds from the device and reconnect for them to work properly.

Unfortunately, in some cases these solutions might not solve your problem. Your TWS earbuds could be damaged due to falling or water damage.

One or Both Earbuds Not Charging

In some cases you might find that one or both earbuds aren’t charging properly. First step is to make sure they are in the right slot and fitting properly. The second is to clean any gunk or debris that could have accumulated around the connection points.

If your charger isn’t charging, then clean anything that might be obstructing the charger. We recommend using compressed air to do this so as to not damage anything.

Interference When Listening

There are a few different factors that can contribute to interference when you are using your TWS earbuds. First and foremost, make sure that they are charged fully. Second, make sure that you are well within the proper range. The farther you go from the source, the weaker the signal. Some wall and building materials can cause this to happen. The final reason is because of outside digital or Bluetooth interference. Sometimes it might be necessary to find anything else that is Bluetooth enabled and switch it off.

Poor Sound Quality

Sound quality can be affected by a few factors, whether you are speaking or listening. Again, make sure that the earbuds have enough juice in them to last for a while by charging them. Sometimes there can be buildup on the earbuds that can dampen the incoming audio, or the mic. Simply use a cloth or compressed air to remove any unwanted debris for best results. Also, be mindful of the distance between the devices, as this can cause an unwanted drop in quality sometimes.

Unable to Find Device

Occasionally your phone or device might not be able to find a particular device that you want to connect. If that happens, make sure that both have their Bluetooth capabilities switched on. You might need to go to the listed devices on the phone or laptop and choose to disconnect or forget some stored options. After you forget some of the remembered devices, try again and it should appear!

GravaStar Sirius Lineup

GravaStar has an impressive line of TWS enabled earbuds for everyone. The Sirius products are stylish, cool, and super functional earbuds that are great everything from casual listening, watching movies or videos, taking calls, and even gaming. Check out more information on these outstanding TWS earbuds below!

GravaStar Sirius

The GravaStar Sirius was the first set of earbuds that this company released. These impressive TWS enabled earbuds are absolutely stellar. The Sirius has impressive bass capability that delivers big sound in a small and comfortable package. With three different audio options, you can make the most out of your calls, games, movies, and music at the touch of a button. The gaming mode is impressive, offering 65 m/s as well as 3D surround sound for a more immersive and better experience.

GravaStar Sirius Pro

The updated GravaStar Sirius Pro comes with a few added bonuses that sets it lightyears ahead of the previous model. It has the bass, three different audio settings, and impressive battery life as well. The new improvements really make this model a very attractive option for users. It comes with environmental noise cancellation to make sure that your calls are clearer than ever, as well as an IPX5 durability rating, making it better for rainy weather or hot and sweaty workouts. We should also mention that you get a carrying case, charger, earbuds, and a bottle opener all in one.

GravaStar Sirius P5

The latest model of the Sirius lineup is the GravaStar Sirius P5. These are a more lightweight and portable version of an already portable and lightweight product. They have the latest Qualcomm 3046 chip for clearer sound and offer an impressive 8 hours of battery life in a single charge, with up to 32 additional hours with the charger. They also have very low delay of 48 m/s making these great for on the go gamers. The Sirius P5 also has an interchangeable shell that you can swap out to match your aesthetics!

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