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“Siriusly” The Futuristic Design

With a cutting-edge, mecha futuristic design, GravaStar Sirius Pro earbuds case is made from zinc alloy, we added handmade crafting into the war-damaged version to make it unique and ultra-durable! With 6 RGB lights and a bottle opener built right into the case, the case features a rugged extra-terrestrial design.

“Siriusly” Switchable Sound Modes

The Sirius Pro Bluetooth earbuds have three modes to give you the ultimate listening experience.
Gaming Mode
Pinpoint the direction of your enemy’s footsteps with 5.1 virtual surround sound.
Movie Mode
Get a full cinematic experience with HD surround sound and be right in the middle of the action.
Music Mode
Feel like you’re at the front row at a concert with clear, natural vocals and a deep bass you can feel through your entire body.

Sounds “Siriusly” Good

With Knowles balanced armatures and 7.2mm dynamic drivers, the hyper-modern Sirius Pro TWS earbuds bring you a powerful music experience that delivers on all levels - low, high, and everything in between. At the same time, Sirius Pro comes with in-ear detection, enabling you to use them smartly.

“Siriusly” Good For Call

Switching to calls, the environmental noise cancellation cuts out unwanted background noise and strengthens the sound of human voices giving you sharp, clear calls every time.

“Siriusly” Power-Ups

Built for durability, the Sirius Pro earbuds come with enough power to fuel a rocket. The battery gives you 4 hours of continuous playtime and has 3 extra charges in the case so you never run out when you’re on the go.

IPX 5 For Sweat & Weather Resistant

IPX5 rating for durability, no matter sweat on the run or adventure outdoor, you can enjoy the music in all circumstances. Each earbud weighs only 6 grams making them so light you forget they’re even there.

“Siriusly” A Bottle Opener

The Sirius Pro’s charging case features a rugged extra-terrestrial design unlike any other Bluetooth earbuds on the market, with a bottle open design built right into the case. Crack a cold one for your loved ones.

Customer Reviews

Based on 727 reviews
Sebastian C. (Santiago, CL)
a Survivor

two years ago a bought my Sirius Pro and yesterday i´ve seen the most incredible situation, a earbud dropped in varnish can, i believe... this is the end to my earbud.... but they are survived... impressive, is working, varnished included

Haha, thank you for sharing your incredible experience with us! We’re amazed to hear that your Sirius Pro earbud survived such an unexpected situation and continues to work flawlessly, even after a dip in varnish. This truly speaks to the durability and quality of our products! We’re glad to have you as a satisfied customer!!! :)


It’s good for work




I pretty happy about this product. It functions well it gives me a lot of time to listen to music or whatnot and they're very comfortable in my ears. I would definitely recommend this product.

Eyan W. (Middleburg, US)

Sound and work Great! Ive had mine for over a hear and have had no issues, Sometimes one wont connect but that can be solved by holding down the button on the bottom (Reseting them)