Fast Chargers vs. Regular Chargers: Is It Worth the Extra Cost?

Faster charging plugs have been making big waves on the portable electronics scene recently, as they are rapidly replacing the slower charging counterparts of the past. Instead of taking several hours, some fast charging outlets can get a fully drained battery to one hundred percent in as little as thirty minutes!

How Does It Work?

Simply put, fast chargers use more power to juice up a battery. Your average charger for portable devices uses between five and ten watts, and anything over fifteen is considered a fast charger. Some of these devices can use up to 140w of energy and are lightning-fast. 

Of course, there are some variables that might make a difference in the charging time. Sometimes an off-brand or damaged cable can slow the process. Also, the old iPhone and standard USB cords might not necessarily be able to handle the flow of current from the power supply to the phone’s battery, subsequently causing it to charge slowly. The new Apple chargers, as well as USB-C cords, provide the best output. So, ensure the cable is compatible with a fast-charging plug for all the benefits.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fast Charging

Fast charging your device has a few advantages as well as possible disadvantages. The most obvious is the fact that it speeds up the charging process for your devices so you can be more portable faster. They also are becoming increasingly more compact, giving you more power in a smaller package.

One of the major cons to fast charging is the compatibility between devices. Sure, you have a plug with the capabilities, but does the device and cord support it? Sometimes older devices take just as long to power up as they do on the older plugs. As we said before, outdated cables or others that just don’t support the necessary flow of electricity to the battery can also be problematic when used with fast chargers.

Another possible downside is overheating. Sometimes fast chargers and slow chargers alike, can cause devices to heat up. This is because when charging, the battery puts off a fair amount of heat but less than continuous usage. This can have negative repercussions on your device in extreme cases. Most newer models have a sensor that adjusts the power the device receives while charging to prevent this.

GravaStar Alpha65 Fast Charger

GravaStar is excited to bring its unique aesthetic to the world of fast chargers. The GravaStar Alpha65 Fast Charger isn’t just visually appealing. This charger comes packed with all kinds of cool features that set this apart from the competition.

The Alpha65 has a capacity of 65w, which is well above the minimum threshold of 15w for fast charging plugs. This particular charger can charge a phone from zero percent all the way to full charge in about 35 minutes. This is lightspeed fast compared to the 3 to 4 hours a 15w charger takes.

Another impressive feature of the GravaStar Alpha65 is that it is a GaN charger. Traditional chargers use silicone-based semiconductors, whereas these use a special material called Gallium Nitride. This compound makes these chargers several times more efficient, capable of handling higher temperatures and wattages, and more compact.

To give users peace of mind, the Alpha65 has several protective features to keep your devices safe and in the best condition for as long as possible. GravaStar thought long and hard about these features to surpass the competition in the market. As a result, this fast charger comes fully equipped to safeguard your electronics from the following:  overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, overtemperature, overpower, under voltage, electrostatic, and anti-interference protection. You would be hard-pressed to find a fast charger that does all that!

GravaStar has given the Alpha65 the ability to charge or power up to three devices simultaneously. Located on top are two USB-C and one USB-A port to allow you to charge multiple phones, tablets, or even a compatible laptop while you are at your work or gaming space.

These fantastic features are carefully thought of and put into this eye-catching charger. The Alpha65’s one-of-a-kind futuristic design is sure to turn heads. When in use, the legs fold down to make it appear like a standing mech, straight from a sci-fi movie or anime. Fold the plugs and legs to make it more compact when transporting. It also comes in two colors to match your aesthetic; white and war-damaged yellow.

The Final Charges

Ultimately, having a proper device paired with the right cables determines if fast charging ports will work for you. The GravaStar Alpha65 has impressive performance and features, as well as out of this world looks. It powers up devices quickly, provides all kinds of protection, and has features to maintain battery longevity. With all of these benefits, the Alpha65 is lightyears ahead of the competition.

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