GravaStar Four Year Journey

Four years ago in 2018, GravaStar began its intergalactic journey, which started with the Mars Bluetooth speaker.

Before GravaStar launched, it was just a dream held by founder and designer Yong. He had a clear vision for sci-fi inspired speakers – but was unsure on how to go about it.

‘’When we first started, all the ideas were based on our own interests and hobbies, and we just wanted to make it happen,’’ he says. ‘’We didn't know where the market was, who the users were, or even if anyone would like it.’’

But the founder believed in his idea, and pursued his creative vision. ‘’It wasn't until the product came out and was recognized by a lot of people that we felt that GravaStar could continue and turn into an innovative technology business.’’

As a result, GravaStar has seen plenty of success in a short time frame, and have seen its speakers lauded by audiences worldwide, but how did it all start?

GravaStar Sirius Bluetooth Earbuds

The Beginning of GravaStar

GravaStar’s Bluetooth gaming speakers are known for their unique, cyberpunk aesthetic. In our previous blog, we talked about the inspiration behind the brand, which highlighted how GravaStar was born out of Yong’s love of all things sci-fi, whether that was through games, films or books.

‘’I’ve always been interested in mecha sci-fi, since I was a child,’’ he says.

He had been working as a designer for more than 10 years prior to launching GravaStar, but wanted to do something more for himself.

‘’I was providing design services where the designs were requested by the customers. I made a lot of designs that were technically good, but not necessarily to my liking. I wanted to design a product according to my own preferences and make it a reality.’’

As a result, Yong spent much of his spare time envisioning the brand by creating mecha conceptual drawings of speakers and audio devices. ‘’I imagined how everyday products, such as speakers, could be turned into something more futuristic and interesting.’’

Yong had the idea of starting his own business as a way of realizing his own creative vision. Eventually, after spending hours creating GravaStar designs in their rawest form, he put one of his designs on crowdfunding website Indiegogo.

Thousands supported his creations for their uniqueness and industrial concept, and eventually GravaStar was born. ‘’It was, and still is, truly a blessing to have the opportunity to combine my personal interests with work, and to see it come to life.’’

Yong's sketches for GravaStar

What Challenges Has GravaStar Faced?

Coming from a design background as opposed to an entrepreneurial one, GravaStar’s founder is an inspiration to many budding business owners. But this hasn’t been without hurdles. ‘‘We face challenges all the time,’’ he says.

‘’From business management to our supply chain, and even the impact of environmental factors such as the pandemic.’’

But the biggest challenge comes from the fact that GravaStar’s founder has such high expectations for his brainchild.

‘’We enjoy that our customers love our brand and our products, and we don't want to disappoint those who trust us. Developing new products can be challenging for us because we want to make sure it still resonates with our audience.’’

What’s Been The Highlight of The GravaStar Journey?

Despite a few obstacles, the GravaStar journey has been an enjoyable one filled with success.

Watching his vision come to life was a highlight in itself for Yong. Beyond that, he is most proud of the uniqueness of GravaStar’s speakers and products, and how they have been received by its audience.

‘’Our biggest highlight is that we have created a completely unique product. The design is so different to what’s out there, that it challenges people’s perceptions. You don't have to stick to the rules, you can completely break the tradition and pursue newer and better things.’’

What Does The Future of GravaStar Look Like?

As a brand that creates out-of-this-world speakers, it’s only natural to look at the future of GravaStar. Yong wants to expand the product line even further, and has already started planning some exciting new releases.

These include e-sports products, 3C peripherals (products related to computer, communication and consumer electronics) and smart wearable products. It’s set to be a busy year for the business, but he is excited to see GravaStar continue to flourish.

‘’We have a lot to do, and we can't wait to see the future when GravaStar’s products are entwined with everyday life. We are really thrilled about that prospect.’’

After a successful four years, Yong expects to see more products designed in the mecha, sci-fi style, and has high hopes for the future.

‘’I hope that GravaStar will become a household name synonymous with mecha sci-fi over the next four years. Maybe one day, we will expand and have our own games and even our own metaverse content. There are many things that can be done, who knows what the future holds!’’

Ready to be part of the GravaStar journey? Browse our Mars Pro Series, Venus Series and Sirius Series.

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