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Sirius P5 Interchangeable Case

Sirius P5 Interchangeable Case

Eye on the new style and color of Sirius P5 earbuds? With the interchangeable cases, you can buy the cases you love and swap them out on your Sirius P5 - no need to buy another pair of earbuds! Save money and enjoy music more.

Worldwide, there are only 3499 Limited-Edition pieces. Each case is printed with its own unique number and comes with a beautiful gift box, gift card, and a special GravaStar necklace. Only available for a limited time.

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Specially designed color

Our Limited-Edition case is uniquely designed for the holiday season. With only 3499 pieces made worldwide, each case has its own serial number. This one-of-a-kind purchase makes your earbuds extra special.


With our interchangeable cases, you can purchase the case separately without needing to purchase a new set of earbuds. Save money, swap out your case and turn the music vibes ON!


The special Limited-Edition case comes with a beautiful gift box, gift card and GravaStar necklace – the first of its kind. Delight your loved ones with a nice and special gift.

This product is the case only, not including earbuds.
1 x Sirius P5 Christmas Case
1 x Christmas Card
1 x GravaStar Necklace
1. How long you will sell this Christmas limited edition case?
- This Christmas limited edition will only be available before Dec 31.

2. After the 3499 pieces sold out, will you have more?
- No, we only have 3499 pieces.

3. Will each case has its own number?
- Yes, the number will be from No. 1 - No. 3499.

4. Does this case fit my Sirius P5?
- Yes!

4. Does this case fit my Sirius Pro or Sirius?
- No, this interchangeable case is for Sirius P5 only.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Paul Robertson
Quality is just alright

Awesome holiday case, subtle yet festive. I also like the charm that came with the case!

Adam Stefyn
Aussie review

Sound quality in general is good , but the buds dont stay in my ears which is frustrating and one speaker keeps dropping out and going quiet this had happened to both sets we have

Not bad, pretty cute

I liked the mecha design case but I like dark colors over white. So when I saw this green and red case I thought "omg perfect". However I would really like to see a metal case for the Sirius P5 instead of plastic. It just makes sense for a limited edition and its a more environmentally friendly material.

Kasper Lincoln
The Sirius P5

I love the interchangeable cases. Sound quality is good. The only problem I have is with the ear buds.

Jose Nabor Bustamante Rivera
More case

make more design case!