Delta35 35W GaN Fast Charger - Pink

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Color: Pink
Style: US Plug
Color: Pink

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Your Mecha Charging Assistant

Let your old charger retire and hire Delta35 to power through your charging tasks! With poseable arms, adjustable ears, and bright white eyes that light up while charging, this miniature mecha packs a lot of character in a tiny space. Delta35 is always ready to assist on your desktop and light enough to slip in a travel bag so you can power up on the go.

35 Watts Maximum Charging Power

Don't waste your time with slow chargers - let Delta35 handle everything! With 35 watts of fast charging USB power, your new assistant can have your devices ready up to 7 times faster than a basic USB charger.

2 USB Ports

With two USB Type-C ports, you never have to decide what to charge first. Intelligent power switching delivers the ideal current for all your USB devices, no matter what they need.

GaN Fast Charging Technology

Advanced gallium nitride transistors make Delta35 more efficient than other chargers, so it stays small and runs cool even when it's working hard.

9 Standards, 1 Assistant

Delta35 uses the popular USB-C Power Delivery 3.0 fast charging standard, but there's a lot more on its résumé. With support for nine different fast charging protocols, Delta35 can fast charge almost any USB device that supports it. For a full list, check the details section below.

Built-in Power Safety

Like any good assistant, Delta35 will keep all your devices safe and charging properly. Built-in safety protections help it guard against overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, and short circuit issues.

Universal USB Compatibility

Delta35's USB ports work with every modern USB device and are backward-compatible with any older USB charging tech. It accepts 110V—240V input sources and is available with US and UK/EU plugs.

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Delta35 35W GaN Fast Charger - PinkDelta35 35W GaN Fast Charger - Pink
Delta35 35W GaN Fast Charger - Dawn WhiteDelta35 35W GaN Fast Charger - Dawn White

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Great addition to my collection highly recommend


Great addition to my collection


It was a gift I hope they liked it lol.


Just what I wanted


100% good