9 Best Wired Earbuds for Gaming in 2024

The GravaStar team often gets asked by our readers about the best gaming accessories to enhance their experience. Realizing the importance of crisp, immersive audio for gamers, we decided to delve into this niche and provide a comprehensive guide for wired options. 

gravastar wired gaming earbuds

Finding the best wired earbuds is more than just selecting based on good sound. This choice can profoundly impact your gaming performance and comfort during long sessions. Poor-quality earbuds can lead to audio distortion and discomfort, detracting from your gaming experience. 

Having tested numerous models and drawing from our extensive knowledge of audio products, we're excited to share our findings here. Our top recommendation in this category is the KZ AS10 for its excellent sound quality and overall performance. 

How We Picked

We touched on several key aspects that directly affect gaming performance and user comfort when choosing the best wired earbuds for gaming. 

Sound Quality

The most crucial element to pay attention to when choosing any earbud option is sound quality. Good models should deliver clear and detailed audio that allows gamers to hear every in-game audio component. This helps increase the experience and aids in competitive situations.

Comfort and Fit

Comfort and fit is another highly important consideration for gamers. This is especially true during long gaming sessions where extended use of earbuds is required. The best options have designs that limit fatigue and discomfort while allowing for fit customization. 

Build Quality and Durability 

Gamers need earbuds that can withstand heavy regular use and the occasional tug and pull. We favored models with robust construction and tangle-resistant cables. This adds to performance and increased value. 

Microphone Quality

A quality microphone is also essential since communication is vital in multiplayer settings. The mic's clarity and ability to reduce background noise were significant factors in our evaluation. Some options have removable mic cables, which can be useful for multi-purpose use. 

Price-to-Performance Ratio

Finally, we considered the value for the money that each wired earbud model offered. We sought earbuds that offer the best combination of audio quality, comfort, and durability without breaking the bank. There is a wide price range, but all have a good price/performance ratio. 

Best Overall: KZ AS10

  • Sound Quality: Excellent
  • Comfort: Snug and Secure
  • Build Quality: Exceptional 
  • Microphone Performance: Good, but need to purchase separately

  • At the top of our list sits the KZ AS10, which is an excellent choice for gamers who appreciate high-end sound and features built for gaming. Each earbud housed five balanced armature drivers, providing remarkable fidelity and detail to highlight gameplay to the max. 

    The AS10 earbuds are designed for comfort, providing a snug fit that ensures they stay securely in place. In our opinion, this is essential for maintaining focus and immersion during gameplay. We also like that they come with multiple ear tip options to accommodate direct ear shapes. 

    Build quality is another strong point for these earbuds, and their robust design held up strong to the rigors of frequent use during all of our testing. We haven't used these for years yet, but can tell already that they are built to last. 

    There is one potential downside worth mentioning in that the standard AS10 model does not include a microphone. Gamers who need voice communication will need to consider a separate mic setup, which might be a slight inconvenience compared to all-in-one solutions.  

    Best for Audiophiles: Moondrop Blessing 3

  • Sound Quality: Amazing
  • Comfort: High
  • Build Quality: Excellent
  • Microphone Performance: Good, but no noise cancellation

  • The Moondrop Blessing 3 is a standout choice for audio needs. It offers an unrivaled audio experience with balanced sound that reproduces clear highs and deep, controlled bass. It is by far the best-sounding option we used in all our tests. 

    We also like that the design of the Blessing 3 is focused on comfort, featuring an ergonomic shape and various ear tip sizes to suit different users. This adaptability ensures a perfect seal for passive noise isolation and comfort, even during extended gaming marathons. 

    Built quality is another area where we found these earbuds excel. They are made with high-quality materials robust enough to handle daily use and the unavoidable tug. The cable is designed to resist tangling, adding to its overall longevity. 

    The biggest downsides of this option are its cost and lack of active noise cancellation. These are very expensive earbuds that might be out of budget for many gamers, and they do not offer a noise-canceling feature at all. 

    Also Great: HyperX Cloud Earbuds 2

  • Sound Quality: Good bass response and high-quality audio
  • Comfort: Soft silicone for extra comfort
  • Build Quality: Long-lasting
  • Microphone Quality: Clear and Effective

  • HyperX is synonymous with quality gaming accessories, and we think that the Cloud Earbuds 2 are one of its best wired models. These earbuds offer robust bass response to enhance the realism and impact of in-game sounds while also boosting the immersive experience. 

    We used these earbuds for an extended gaming session and found that their soft silicone ear tips offered great comfort. The fit was secure and stayed comfortable after many hours of use, a definite bonus for a very long and intense gaming session. 

    In terms of build quality, it's obvious that these are designed to last. They come with a thick, tangle-resistant cable that didn't knot up even when we crammed them in a pocket. We also like the strong connectors on either end that don't wear down easily. 

    The microphone on the Cloud Earbuds 2 sounds good, but it does let in some background noise. It still performs well in most gaming environments and offers clear audio for communication, but might not be the choice to go with in a very noisy gaming room. 

    Budget Pick: Logitech 333

  • Sound Quality: Good
  • Comfort: OK
  • Build Quality: Good
  • Microphone Quality: Basic 

  • For gamers on a budget, the Logitech 333 offers an excellent balance between affordability and performance. We like that the sound quality is surprisingly good for its price point, with clear highs and sufficient bass to enhance gaming audio without overwhelming other sounds. 

    These earbuds are also designed to endure regular use, in our opinion. They might be a budget option, but they come with a sturdy design and materials that can handle the usual wear and tear of daily gaming activities. A strong cable is another nice touch to limit tangling. 

    The 333's microphone is basic but functional. We definitely don't think it's the best mic we've tested, but it adequately captures voice for standard gaming and casual communication. It just might not be the best option for competitive gaming environments. 

    We did find that these were a bit less comfortable than higher-priced models. That's something to be expected with a budget choice but important to know about for extended gaming sessions or if a specific feet and feel is needed. These can get uncomfortable after a few hours. 

    Best Multi-Use Option: Shure SE215 PRO

  • Sound Quality: Excellent 
  • Comfort: High-end
  • Build Quality: Durable
  • Microphone Quality: Excellent but optional

  • The Shure SE215 PRO is designed for all sorts of purposes, but we found that it works well for the gamer who needs superior sound isolation and wants to use these earbuds in various situations away from gaming. They do a great job of blocking out ambient noise, helping us concentrate fully on the game at hand. 

    Comfort is another highlight of this model, and we like the ergonomic shape and design that fits the ear naturally. We found that this helped reduce fatigue during long gaming sessions. It also helps make these a good choice for listening to or recording music away from gaming. 

    The SE215 Pro also comes with a reinforced cable for durability. We love that this cable is detachable for easy replacement or upgrade. This increased the headphones' lifespan because the cable is often the first part to wear out after extended use. 

    This is another model where the microphone is optional, which is good to be aware of when ordering the proper version to meet specific gaming needs. When equipped, the mic is clear and concise with excellent detail–something you'd expect from a microphone company. 

    The Competition

    The top picks in the section above cover a wide range of gaming needs, but there are other wired earbuds that didn't make the list but are still worth mentioning. Here's a look at some additional models to expand your search.

    • The Sony MDR-XB55AP earbuds are designed for anyone who loves a powerful bass response in their gaming and music. They feature 12mm dome drivers for deep bass and a durable, tangle-free cable. They also have an integrated mic and playback control for convenience.
    • Razer's Hammerhead Pro V2 is built with gamers in mind, featuring a flat-style cable that minimizes tangles and an in-line microphone with a remote for gameplay communication. The enhanced bass and precision-tuned drivers provide a robust audio experience.
    • The Panasonic ErgoFit RPHJE120 earbuds are highlighted for decent comfort and fit, thanks to their special fit design, which conforms naturally to the ear. These are also a very affordable option that works for just about any budget and are a good entry-level model.
    • Another high-fidelity option that delivers superior audio clarity through three drivers is the 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Earphones. With an in-line remote and microphone, these also offer detailed sound and convenient control, good for gamers who want high-end audio. 


    This section answers a few commonly asked questions related to wired earbuds for gaming, helping you choose your preferred model. 

    Can I use these earbuds to make music and calls? 

    Absolutely, all the earbuds listed in our guide are versatile enough for music, calls, and gaming, providing excellent sound across various applications. Nearly all earbud models can be used across platforms and devices, not just for gaming. 

    How important is noise isolation in gaming earbuds? 

    Noise isolation can be a crucial factor for immersive gaming experiences, especially in noisy environments. This feature helps you focus on the game and reduces distractions. It's not an essential factor but it sure can assist in the experience. 

    Are there wireless options with similar quality? 

    While this guide focuses on wired earbuds, there are definitely wireless options out there that offer comparable audio quality and gaming features. Having a wired pair is nice if you don't want to worry about battery charge or wireless interference. 

    Final Thoughts

    Choosing the best wired earbuds for gaming involves looking at any specific needs and several key factors like comfort, durability, and sound quality. Don't forget that a microphone is always nice to have for competitive gameplay situations as well. 

    Our comprehensive guide provides options for various needs and budgets, ensuring that you find the perfect pair to enhance your gaming experience. Keep your specific gaming habits and environments in mind when making your choice to ensure the best fit and performance.

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