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Venus Charging Base

Venus Charging Base

The GravaStar Venus Charging Base provides a central charging station for all Venus Bluetooth speakers. It has 6 different RGB lights that upgrade your Venus and turn your room into a party. The charging dock creates a stable, secure connection to charge and sync your Venus.

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Charging Made Easy

With a Type-C charging port and magnet adsorption, the Venus Charging Base can easily charge and sync any of your Venus devices. Having your Venus upright means you can charge your bluetooth speaker, while listening to music or playing games.

Upgrade Your Space

The Venus charging base has 6 different RGB lights and 2 different light modes that make your setup instantly cooler. The futuristic light design complements all your GravaStar products creating a mecha sci-fi universe.

Untangle Your Cords

With convenience in mind, the built-in cord organizer will help you manage long cables and keep your space neat and without clutter.

Materials: ABS
Color: Black
Power supply: 5V/2A
6 RGB Lights
Product dimensions:W9.1xL9.6XH4.1cm
Weight: 0.4Ibs
Venus Charging base

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Zero Cool
Really a Must Have if you Have a Venus Speaker

Nicely built, and even has a slight magnetic pull so the speaker can connect smoothly. Then it's got a button on the right that goes through 6 different colors. And then, the button on the right cycles through 3 different modes. One has it just stay the color that's been chosen. Another keeps it that one color but makes it blink on and off at a pretty moderate rate. And the third one cycles through the 6 colors, blinking from one color to the next. The only thing is, I don't think the lighting can be turned off, and it doesn't have a mode for the colors to change in a sort of breathing way. Well, it does have the capability because when you first put the speaker on the charging base, it will come on with the last color that was selected and be turning on and off in a breathing manner. However, once the color button or mode button is pressed it doesn't do it anymore until the speaker is removed and put back on. Who knows, there might be a way to. I just can't wait to see what Gravastar comes up with next!

Ash Rogers

Venus Charging Base

Enoch Chen

Venus Charging Base

Jeremy Doekes
Rockin LIL Droid!

Great little speaker, as per my other Gravastar ear-buds the quality of materials and audio is insane.

Dylan Thiessen
Awesome products

The speaker has amazing sound for its size and feels very high quality, the charging base is very nice too but I wish it was fully metal just like the speaker. Also more RGB wouldn’t hurt.