What is True Wireless Stereo And Why It’s Amazing

Bluetooth is great, but true wireless stereo makes it better. Almost every audio delivery device currently available has wireless capability, so you are used to not being tied down by wires anymore. Bluetooth technology has made listening to music easier than ever, but did you know that not all Bluetooth technologies are the same?

True Wireless Stereo (TWS) is a feature of some high-end speakers, headphones, and earbuds that allows you to hear music wirelessly in stereo. When you have two TWS-capable devices paired to your device, you can hear your music the way it was intended to be heard.

Music Isn’t Made For Mono Anymore

What is TWS?

Years ago, when music was first recorded, there was no way to allow people at home to hear the real depth of its sound. Mono music tracks or devices meant that all the sound came out of one channel, so no matter how many speakers you had, the sound would be the same everywhere.

Stereo music is designed to be heard through multiple speakers, with different sounds coming from different speakers to create the feeling of live music. Technology has allowed music recorded in stereo, with different channels containing different elements of sound. For example, if you are wearing earbuds or headphones, music recorded in stereo will pan back and forth with certain elements of the audio playing at different times.

Music played in stereo makes it feel like you are right in the performance space, hearing it performed live. The drums are on one side, the guitars are on the other, and everything blends together to create a powerful and dynamic musical experience.

Until recently, you had to place speakers with wires running to them all over your room to enjoy that quality of music. With the advent of wireless technology, wires disappeared, but until recently, the stereo experience was missing. Speakers that have Bluetooth with TWS capability makes having amazing music experiences easier than ever!

Movies, TV Shows, and Games Are Better in Stereo

TWS Bluetooth Speakers

While listening to music played in stereo is an amazing experience, it can be even better to experience the sound design of movies, TV shows, and games the way they were intended.

Pairing TWS-capable speakers like the GravaStar Mars to your computer while gaming with friends will allow everyone to experience the surround-sound feeling of being inside the game.

Watching your favorite action film with TWS-capable speakers will make every explosion, car chase, and dialogue scene even more intense, since you will hear the sound from every direction. When you listen to the audio channels of this kind of media in stereo, you will have the best entertainment experience, because the media will be presented the way it was designed to be enjoyed.

Making TWS Work For You

What are the benefits of TWS?

With two TWS capable speakers, the richness of stereo music comes to life easily. Simply pair the first TWS-capable speaker, like the GravaStar Supernova or GravaStar Mars, to your device, and then pair an additional TWS-capable Supernova or Mars to the first speaker. Your device will take care of the rest! Music that has been recorded in stereo will fill the space with dimensional sound. You will be able to hear the music the way it was meant to be heard, with the channels of sound directed to the right or left, the way the recording artist intended.

Additionally, using your TWS-capable speakers for the audio when you are watching TV shows and movies will make your viewing experience even better. When you watch a movie in a theater, you notice that the dialogue, music, and sounds move around you as the action moves on the screen.

Now, you can have that experience at home without having to run wires to speakers around your room! Simply pair a TWS-capable speaker to your TV or computer, pair an additional TWS-campable speaker to the first speaker, and press play. Your favorite movies and shows will sound better than ever!

How Will TWS Improve Your Listening Experience?

What can TWS do?
  • Living untethered means no more tripping over cords or hiding them behind bookshelves or furniture. You can enjoy high-quality sound in any room of your house, or even outdoors! You no longer have to choose between having a great music experience and having a great-looking room.
  • Dimensional sound will bring the music and movie audio all the way around you. With two TWS-capable speakers, the music will surround you in ways that a single audio delivery device cannot match.
  • Simple pairing via Bluetooth makes enjoying music with TWS just a matter of pressing a button to pair them with the device of your choice.

Hearing in Three Dimensions

What are the best bluetooth speakers with TWS?

If you think of music that has been recorded in mono as a work of art, you can only experience it as a painting - flat and two-dimensional. Even stereo music that is played on a non-TWS capable device is lackluster, since the depth of available sound is not being brought to life.

When you hear stereo music played on stereo devices, like TWS-capable speakers, it becomes a work of art in three dimensions. Like a walk in a sculpture garden, it offers depth, height, and richness that two dimensions can’t compete with. TWS will bring your ears the joy that art brings your soul: You will hear the music in true stereo.

When you use TWS-capable speakers to play the audio of the movies and shows you watch, you will feel like the action is happening all around you. Sound designers for movies tell their stories with sound effects, music, and dialogue that’s meant to be heard in theaters in stereo.

With TWS, you will be able to recreate what the sound designers intended for those films, giving you a more authentic theatre experience in the comfort of your own home. With the portability and ease of Bluetooth, you can have that three-dimensional sound experience anywhere you want, anytime you want it.

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