What Is Bluetooth? Everything You Want To Know

Over the past two decades, Bluetooth technology has been creeping into technology so much that now it is just a part of everyday life. You can find this feature in so many consumer electronics nowadays, but what exactly is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth technology utilizes radio waves at short distances to communicate with other devices. Primarily, this is used to connect electronics such as phones, computers, laptops, speakers, televisions, and much more within relative proximity. This eliminates the need for wires to transfer data and audio. Bluetooth is also easy to use and relatively inexpensive.

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Everyday Uses for Bluetooth

When Bluetooth technology was first conceived, it was only for wireless communication for phones and computers. However, as time progressed, it has found its way into many aspects of our everyday lives. Here are a few examples of everyday Bluetooth applications.

  • Cars

More and more automobiles are produced with Bluetooth capability. This advancement has allowed drivers to operate and communicate without the distraction of holding their phones. Now, you can easily sync your car with your phone for hands-free calls, navigation, and enjoying your music.

  • Smart Home Devices

Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s home assistant devices are fastly becoming a staple in households across the United States. These devices allow you to use Bluetooth technology to communicate with your phone, robot vacuum cleaner, and other Smart and wireless devices.

  • Remotes and Controllers

In the past, remotes for televisions and entertainment systems used infrared technology to communicate, but now they are quickly being replaced by Bluetooth. This allows for faster transfer of information and more accurate sensors. Sometimes, you can pair your phone with your TV and use that as your controller or even share your screen.

If you are a gamer, you probably notice that corded controllers are extremely rare. You can thank Bluetooth technology for giving you more freedom and not having to sit so close to the TV or your console.

The same goes for your computer. Your mouse and keyboard likely come with a USB dongle that you plug into the computer so they can communicate wirelessly.

  • Speakers and Headphones

This is probably the most common usage for Bluetooth that you will come across. If you have Airpods or any other type of wireless earbuds or speakers, then you are using this incredible technology already!

Why Should You Use Bluetooth?

This groundbreaking and revolutionary technology has been around since 1994, the history of Bluetooth is inspiring. The Bluetooth has so many different benefits. Read more about the benefits of Bluetooth technology below.

  • Bluetooth is a wireless technology. This means getting rid of unsightly wires and unnecessary tangles. You can connect your devices quickly and easily without the limitations of cables through the usage of short-range radio.
  • It is not only convenient because of the lack of wires; it is easy to use. For Bluetooth to work, you simply power up and select the devices you want to link wirelessly. We have resource of how to connect Bluetooth devices with Windows 10, with Mac, with Xbox, with PS4
  • Using this technology is essentially free. In addition, it is cheap for manufacturers to include it in their products, so it comes readily available. This also eliminates the need for you to spend money on wires and cords that previously would be necessary to link devices.
  • Bluetooth technology is relatively secure. Devices must first “exchange keys” in order to sync up. While there are ways for hackers to gain access to your device or information being transferred through the airwaves, it is safer than no encryption at all.

Drawbacks of Bluetooth

Bluetooth is an incredible technological advance for electronic devices, but of course, it isn’t perfect. Let’s go over some of the issues and limitations of Bluetooth.

  • While it operates using radiowaves, it has a limited range of about 30 feet. 
  • Again, one of the issues with radiowaves is interference from outside signals. In some cases, to ensure optimal quality and performance, you might need to turn off some other devices’ Bluetooth capability. Obstacles like walls and other things can also affect communications.
  • We mentioned before that Bluetooth is relatively safe and encrypted. But you should still be cautious of using it if you are a security-conscious person. It isn’t quite as secure as other forms of wireless communication, such as WiFi.
  • Because it uses radiowaves, transferring data and signals can be slightly slower than other means. If you are trying to transfer large data files, consider using a wired connection.

This technology has changed so much of our world in such a short period and appears to be staying for the time being. Bluetooth is changing and improving every day, from minor unnoticeable updates to new real-world applications. Keep an eye out for what comes next for this amazing advancement!

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