What is a Fast Charger for iPhone?

Imagine this: you're sprinting against time, your iPhone’s battery is barely alive, and you desperately need some juice. Enter fast chargers – the superheroes in the realm of charging!

What is Fast Charging?

Think of fast charging as a high-powered adrenaline boost for your iPhone's battery. In technical terms, fast charging increases the power delivered to your battery, enabling it to recharge much speedier than with standard chargers. iPhones embraced the fast-charging wave since the iPhone 8, adopting the universal USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) standard. This allows your iPhone to charge up to 50% in roughly 30 minutes. Talk about a time-saver!

How Does Fast Charging Work?

Time to put your science hat on. Fast charging makes use of higher power levels, measured in watts, to speed up the charging process. Apple’s fast charging utilizes Power Delivery (PD) technology that facilitates higher power transfer through USB connections. But that’s not all; another gem in the fast-charging treasure chest is Gallium Nitride, or GaN technology. GaN chargers are more efficient, smaller, and cooler than traditional chargers. In essence, it's like making a jump from a garden hose to a fire hose in terms of the juice flowing to your iPhone!

Benefits of Using a Fast Charger

Here’s why fast charging is the Holy Grail of chargers:

  • Time-Saving: More power in less time. It's simple math!
  • Convenience for Busy Schedules: For those perpetually on the move, fast charging is your trusty sidekick.
  • Emergency Lifesaver: Out of juice and in a bind? Fast charging to the rescue!

iPhone Models Supporting Fast Charging

Though we’d all love some fast-charging action, only iPhone models 8 and onwards are invited to this party. Each model since the iPhone 8 has been continuously enhancing fast charging capabilities.

How to Use a Fast Charger with Your iPhone

Revved up for the fast-charging experience? Here’s your game plan:

  1. Choose a Compatible Fast Charger: Ensure it supports USB-PD and, ideally, boasts GaN technology.
  2. Cable Connection: A USB-C to Lightning cable is mandatory for fast charging. Your conventional USB-A to Lightning cable won't make the cut.
  3. Go Turbo: Engage Airplane Mode and keep usage minimal during charging for maximum speed.

Fast Charger Specs for iPhone

Let’s crack the code on those power ratings:

  • 18W, 20W, 30W, etc.: More watts, more power. But your iPhone will only guzzle what it can handle.
  • USB-PD: The golden ticket for fast charging. It lets your iPhone communicate power needs efficiently.
  • GaN Technology: For that extra boost and efficiency, GaN technology is your charger's best friend.

A 20W charger is often ample, but if you fancy some extra zip, higher wattage chargers are compatible too.

Product Recommendations

Ready to plug in? We recommend:

  1. GravaStar Alpha65 65W GaN USB-C Fast Charger: This is the charging superstar. With an astounding 65W output, GaN technology, and compatibility with USB-PD, it ensures your iPhone gets charged at breakneck speed, while staying cool.
  2. 100W USB-C Fast Charging Cable: This cable is the perfect sidekick for the GravaStar Alpha65. Designed for high-speed and durability, this pairing is the ultimate fast-charging dream team for your iPhone.


Fast charging is the lightning bolt your iPhone needs for its insatiable appetite for power. With a combination of Power Delivery (PD) technology and GaN technology, you're gifting your iPhone the best of both worlds. Grab the GravaStar Alpha65 and the 100W USB-C fast charging cable, and say goodbye to painstakingly slow charging times.

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