The Advantages of GaN Chargers Compared to Regular Chargers

Currently, accelerating the charging speed of electronic devices has become the primary goal for leading electronic device brands in the market. In the current charger market, an increasing number of gallium nitride (GaN) fast chargers are appearing in the eyes of consumers, but many consumers are not clear on the differences between GaN chargers and regular fast chargers.

What is Gallium Nitride (GaN)?

Traditional chargers use the first-generation semiconductor material, silicon, while GaN chargers use the third-generation semiconductor material, gallium nitride. GaN has characteristics such as a wide bandgap, high thermal conductivity, resistance to high temperatures, radiation resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high strength, and hardness. Compared to traditional chargers, GaN chargers can withstand higher power pressures and have better conductivity, resulting in higher charging efficiency. For example, compared to Apple's 5W charger, GaN chargers can deliver more output power within a similar form factor.

Price Comparison

Despite the numerous advantages of GaN, in terms of size, portability, and charging rate, it surpasses traditional chargers by a significant margin. However, due to the higher technological complexity compared to regular chargers, GaN chargers are more expensive. Currently, mainstream GaN chargers in the market have power ratings of 35W and 65W, with market prices around $60 for a 35W GaN charger and a 65W GaN charger. During the Halloween season, until October 20th, Gravastar is offering up to a 36% discount on their 35W and 65W GaN chargers. For the latest product information, click on the following links:

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Charging Protocol Comparison

The mainstream charging protocols in the market currently include QC2.0/3.0 and PD3.0 fast charging protocols. GaN chargers primarily use the PD (Power Delivery) protocol, which allows fast charging for devices that support this protocol, including MacBook (as well as other USB-C laptops), iPad Pro, iPhone, Switch, Android smartphones, and more. This protocol offers lower operating temperatures and more stable transmission efficiency compared to regular chargers.

Advantages of a 65W GaN Charger

1. It has a smaller form factor compared to chargers with the same charging power.

2. For chargers with the same power output, GaN chargers are lighter and more portable.

3. It can stably output power over an extended period with low heat generation.

4. It can surpass the power limits of chargers, such as 120W or higher.

5. It can have multiple ports to simultaneously power multiple digital devices.

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