How to Connect Two Bluetooth Speakers at the Same Time (2024 Updated)

Mars Pro Speaker Bluetooth 5.0: Offers seamless, high-quality wireless connectivity
Connecting two Bluetooth speakers to a single device is an excellent way to create a wider, more immersive soundstage. With recent advancements in Bluetooth technology and audio equipment, it’s easier than ever to set up a multi-speaker system that fills any space with vibrant, dynamic sound.


In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the benefits of using two speakers, highlight GravaStar’s stand-out products, and provide a step-by-step tutorial on connecting speakers using different methods. Read on to elevate your audio experience.

The Evolution of Seamless Bluetooth Connectivity

Early Bluetooth versions had significant limitations, including slow data rates and unstable connections. However, newer standards like Bluetooth 5.0 and above have transformed wireless connectivity.

With Bluetooth 5.0 and newer versions, you can enjoy faster pairing speeds, improved audio quality, better range, and increased bandwidth for simultaneous connections. This makes pairing multiple Bluetooth devices a seamless process.

GravaStar leverages these latest advancements in all their products. For instance, the Mars Pro and Supernova Bluetooth speakers utilize Bluetooth 5.0 and 5.3 respectively, ensuring quick pairing and robust, uninterrupted audio.

Why Connect Two Bluetooth Speakers?

Using two Bluetooth speakers connected to the same audio source provides significant advantages over a single speaker setup:

  • Wider soundstage: With two speakers placed appropriately, you can achieve true stereo sound with distinct left and right channels, adding more dimension and depth.

  • Louder, room-filling audio: Connecting two speakers increases the overall output volume, allowing you to fill larger spaces.

  • Immersive audio experience: The wider soundstage and louder audio combine to create a more immersive listening experience, bringing your music to life.

  • Improved bass: Having two speakers can enhance lower frequencies, resulting in punchier, heavier bass across your listening space.

  • Flexible placement: Two speakers allow you to better optimize placement for sound distribution and acoustics.

For the best results, position the speakers strategically to take advantage of these benefits. Angle them towards the listening position, ensure adequate spacing between them, and adjust volume levels appropriately.

Step-by-Step Guide to Connecting Two Bluetooth Speakers

Follow these instructions to connect two Bluetooth speakers to your smartphone, tablet, computer, or other device:

Method 1: Using Bluetooth Speakers with Multi-Connect

This straightforward method works if your speakers have built-in multi-connect technology:

  1. Check each speaker’s specifications to confirm multi-connect capability.

  2. Turn on the two speakers and put them in pairing mode.

    • For GravaStar models, this typically involves pressing and holding the power button until the status light flashes.
  3. On your source device, turn Bluetooth on.

  4. Connect to the first speaker - this will be the primary speaker.

  5. The second speaker should now automatically connect to the primary speaker.

  6. Begin playing audio and enjoy simultaneous playback through both speakers.

  7. Adjust volume levels on each speaker as desired.

Many GravaStar speakers like the Mars Pro and Supernova support multi-connect, enabling this simplified setup.

Method 2: Using an Audio Splitter

If your speakers lack built-in multi-connect, you can use an audio splitter:

  1. Obtain a dual RCA or 3.5mm audio splitter.

  2. Connect the source device’s audio output to the splitter’s input port.

  3. Connect the speakers to the splitter’s output ports.

  4. Turn on the speakers and source device.

  5. Play audio from the source and it will transmit to both speakers, allowing synchronized playback.

While effective, this method may impact sound quality. Investing in a high-quality splitter ensures the best results.

Method 3: Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver

This method involves using a Bluetooth transmitter paired with Bluetooth receivers:

  1. Connect a Bluetooth transmitter to your source device.

  2. Connect Bluetooth receivers to each speaker.

  3. Pair the transmitter to each receiver.

  4. Power on the speakers and play audio from the source. The transmitter will wirelessly convey the audio to both receivers and speakers.

This allows you to connect even non-Bluetooth speakers wirelessly. However, transmitter-receiver range may be limited, so keep the speakers nearby.

Method 4: Wireless Audio Apps and Systems

Specialized wireless audio apps and systems like Sonos, Bose Connect, and Ultimate Ears allow multiple speaker setups:

  1. Obtain speakers compatible with the app/system.

  2. Install the app on your device.

  3. Connect the speakers to a Wi-Fi network.

  4. Use the app to group the speakers and enable synchronized multi-room audio.

While convenient, this method relies on proprietary solutions and may require specific speaker models.

Method 5: Dual Audio Feature

If your smartphone, tablet, or computer offers a Dual Audio or Multipoint feature:

  1. Ensure your device supports Dual Audio - check the specs for confirmation.

  2. Turn on the two speakers and enter pairing mode.

  3. On your device, enable Dual Audio in the Bluetooth settings.

  4. Connect both speakers to the device.

  5. Play audio - your device will transmit to both speakers simultaneously.

Dual Audio provides wireless connectivity without extras like splitters, but compatibility is device-dependent.

GravaStar: Where Sci-Fi Meets Audio Excellence

GravaStar delivers an unrivaled blend of futuristic, mecha-inspired aesthetics and superb acoustic engineering in all its products.

The GravaStar Mars Pro and Supernova, in particular, exemplify the brand’s visionary design and commitment to audio excellence.In the realm of futuristic gadgets, GravaStar stands as an unmatched blend of uniquely sci-fi aesthetics and superb acoustic engineering.

Mars Pro - A Powerhouse Designed for Immersive Audio

The Mars Pro’s spherical shape encloses a dual-speaker system with a passive bass radiator that generates robust, room-filling audio. Its sleek metallic casing and sci-fi visual flair lend an enthralling allure.

With Bluetooth 5.0, an extended 15-hour battery life, and smooth volume touch controls, the Mars Pro has been meticulously engineered for powerful, wire-free audio enjoyment.

Supernova - A Speaker That Radiates Sound and Light

Beyond its speaker duties, the Supernova doubles as a stylish lamp with three lighting modes and eight vibrant colors. Its 25W speaker generates strikingly clear audio with pronounced highs and commanding bass.

The Supernova’s characteristic handle enhances portability, while the durable zinc alloy casing shrugs off life’s bumps. With up to 9 hours of battery life, AUX and Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, the Supernova promises versatility for indoor and outdoor use.

Related Questions

Can I connect different brand speakers together?

You can pair different brand speakers as long as they support the same Bluetooth version and profiles. However, specialized features like stereo pairing may only work with same-brand speakers.

Is there any audio lag when using two speakers?

Advanced Bluetooth versions minimize lag, especially for short speaker distances. If lag is noticeable, try repositioning the speakers closer to the source for optimal signal strength.

Which GravaStar models support multi-connect?

GravaStar speakers with multi-connect for pairing two units include the Mars Pro, and more. Check individual product details for confirmation.

Elevate Your Audio Experience with Dual Bluetooth Speakers

Using two Bluetooth speakers together can significantly enhance your listening enjoyment compared to single-speaker setups. Position them strategically for spectacular stereo separation and a wider soundstage.

GravaStar’s Mars Pro and Supernova exemplify outstanding audio performance fused with iconic sci-fi inspired designs.

Using the step-by-step guide above, you can easily connect two speakers to engulf any space with sublime sound. Experiment with different configurations and placements to optimize audio quality and immersion.

The right speaker models, adept Bluetooth connectivity, and strategic positioning are key for the best results. Dual Bluetooth speakers can make music, movies, war games, and media come alive. Take your audio experience to the next level and feel the beat with GravaStar!

Have you paired two Bluetooth speakers together? Let us know your experiences and how you achieved the ideal setup in the comments below! For more details on GravaStar’s transformative audio equipment, visit

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