8 Best Silent Mice for Gaming in 2024

8 Best Silent Mice for Gaming in 2024

At GravaStar, we know every player has a different gaming situation. Some live alone and can be as loud as they want when playing, while others live with roommates and need to be quiet. To help those who need to keep noise levels down, we created a guide that looks at some of the best silent mice for gaming.

Gaming mice can be loud with endless clicking, button pressing, and scrolling. This can annoy those you live with, and can distract you during a game. By choosing a quality silent mouse, you can enjoy your gaming experience without disrupting those around you or breaking your focus.

Throughout our research, we looked at numerous comments from gamers and sifted through various options to make our conclusion. Using this extensive research and our years of experience in gaming, we believe the Razer Pro Click Mini is the best silent mouse for most gamers.

How We Picked

Here are some of the factors that we've identified as the most important when choosing a silent gaming mouse and why.


You need to consider the sounds a mouse makes. Using a traditional gaming mouse can be loud and annoying due to all the button pressing and clicking that playing games requires. Look for a mouse that dampens these sounds by using different switches or unique buttons.


While the sensor may not help with the "silent" aspect of a silent gaming mouse, it'll certainly help with the "gaming" part. A high-quality sensor helps you react quicker, move faster, and be more precise in-game. A poor sensor could leave you lagging behind your competition.


You should also think about whether a mouse is wired or wireless. While the buttons and clicks may be quiet on a mouse, there's no guarantee the cable won't make noise as it moves on your desk. Look for a wireless mouse or one with a light and quiet cable for less drag-related noise.

Other Factors

While not specifically related to how quiet a mouse is, there are other factors to consider when searching for a gaming mouse. Some examples are weight and shape. A light mouse is easier to move and use, and a properly shaped mouse ensures your hands stay comfortable.

Best Overall: Razer Pro Click Mini

  • Weight: 73 grams (without batteries)
  • Sensor: Razer Optical 12K DPI sensor
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Number of buttons: 7

Our best overall choice is the Razer Pro Click Mini. In addition to being incredibly quiet, the mechanical switches are also durable as they can last for up to 15 million clicks. It still provides a satisfying and tactile feel, just with much less noise.

YouTuber Tech Adventure tested the mouse directly against a couple of other mice and it was much quieter, even when clicked right up against the microphone.

We like how the mouse is sleek, small, and light, which makes it easy to grip and effortless to move as you play your favorite game.

It has 7 programmable buttons to map however you like, and you can power the mouse with either two AA batteries for optimal battery life or one AA battery for a lighter gaming experience. The sensor also offers great performance compared to many other silent mice on the market.

In addition to mouse clicks being silent, you can also make the scroll wheel quieter by turning on free-spin mode. A pitfall of the mouse, in our opinion, is that the size might be a little small for someone with larger hands to use comfortably.

Next in Line: Mojo Pro Performance

  • Weight: 127 grams
  • Sensor: PMW3336 12K DPI sensor
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Number of buttons: 9

Another great option is the Mojo Pro Performance. It’s a quiet mouse with dramatically silent clicks compared to a standard gaming mouse. For example, YouTuber House of Tutorials did a direct comparison vs the Logitech G900 gaming mouse and it’s much quieter.

In addition to having all silent buttons, the mouse was designed with gaming in mind. It has a quality high-DPI sensor for precision and speed, and an ergonomic design to keep you comfortable during long sessions.

You can also adjust the amount of pressure needed to click the mouse, to fine-tune it to your specific gaming preferences. The mouse also lets you adjust the lighting colors throughout the body, and there's a small LED screen on the side you can customize, as well.

We also like the 9 buttons it provides, as it gives you plenty of ways to customize your in-game experience as you see fit. 

The major downside of this mouse in our opinion is the weight. At 127 grams, it's heavier than most gaming mice and might be challenging for some people to use in games that require rapid movement.

Still Good: Logitech M650

  • Weight: 101 grams
  • Sensor: Logitech Advanced Optical Tracking 4K DPI sensor
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Number of buttons: 5

While the Logitech M650 isn't specifically marketed as a gaming mouse, it's more than suitable for many kinds of games and is incredibly quiet. It features Logitech's Silent Touch technology, which the company says creates 90% less click noise than a standard mouse.

Tech YouTuber The Breakdown with Luke tested the mouse, and said "It’s not completely silent, but as you can hear, it’s significantly quieter than a standard loud mouse."

The mouse has a contoured and comfortable shape, a thumb rest, and rubber grips on the sides for better control and feel.

There are a few customizable side buttons on the mouse, and it has a battery life of up to 2 years. It also offers a strong and reliable connection, which is incredibly important for online or competitive gaming.

We also like how the mouse is suitable for a variety of gamers. There is the standard size for those with small/medium hands, a larger size for those with bigger hands, and even a model that's made specifically for left-handed users.

A drawback is that the sensor falls short of what's included in many dedicated gaming mice in terms of DPI and performance, so your experience in some fast-paced games may not be that good.

Budget Pick: T-Dagger Wireless Gaming Mouse

  • Weight: 83 grams
  • Sensor: Adjustable sensor up to 4K DPI
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Number of buttons: 7

For gamers on a budget, the T-Dagger Wireless Gaming Mouse is a good choice. We like how all 7 buttons are silent, so you don't need to worry about anything on this mouse waking up your family or roommates during late-night gaming.

YouTuber PureReviews did a review of the mouse and said “It does not have a loud clicking sound” and that “you’re not going to hear all this clicking in the background” as you play.

In addition to being very quiet, the mouse is also very ergonomically friendly in our opinion. It has a comfortable shape and a thumb rest to help keep your hand in a natural position as you play, which can help reduce fatigue.

The mouse also has an adjustable DPI so you can choose the right level of precision depending on your game or task. It also has a smart energy-saving feature that turns the mouse off if it isn't used after 8 minutes, which can greatly prolong the battery life. Any click will turn it back on.

Unfortunately, the build quality of the mouse isn't quite as high as some other silent gaming mice, but this is understandable for a gaming mouse that is this affordable.

The Competition

These are also decent options to think about but fell just short of being included in our top choice above.

Deathadder V2 Pro: While not specifically a silent mouse, the Deathadder V2 Pro is a good choice for gamers as it has a high-DPI sensor and an ergonomic form factor. However, it's a little pricey and not quite as quiet as many other silent mice.

Logitech M330: The Logitech M330 has the same Silent Technology as the M650, and features a comfortable design and contoured grips for better handling. Unfortunately, the 1000 DPI sensor falls below what many gamers want in a mouse.

TECKNET Wireless Silent Mouse: This mouse has adjustable DPI levels, silent clicks, and is versatile enough to be used for gaming or in the office. It also comes in a variety of fun colors. But the mouse is very small and won't fit those with large hands very well.

VEGCOO C12 Wireless Gaming Mouse: This mouse has a very unique and eye-catching design, and features a decent-enough sensor with silent clicks. However, its quality leaves a lot to be desired compared to other silent gaming mice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's take a closer look at a few common questions and answers about silent mice for gaming.

What makes a mouse silent?

Silent mice are quieter than traditional mice because the switches are outfitted with a small piece of rubber that dampens the sound. This can dramatically reduce the amount of noise each click or press makes, but won't completely eliminate the sound altogether.

Can you turn a normal gaming mouse silent?

Yes, you can change out the switches in a gaming mouse to quieter options (such as the Kailh silent switches) to dramatically reduce the clicking noise. However, it's a process that involves soldering, so make sure you have the right knowledge and tools before trying it.

Here is an awesome video tutorial that shows you how to do it: 

Are silent mice more expensive?

No, silent mice aren't inherently more expensive than regular mice. In fact, many are actually more affordable than lots of the traditional gaming mice on the market.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to game without waking up your family, or play without annoying your roommates, a silent mouse for gaming is a must-have. To ensure your setup is as quiet as possible for others, consider a quiet keyboard and a high-quality headset.

Make sure to keep your mouse and all of your gaming gear in the best shape possible by cleaning them frequently, and making sure to treat them with care. Even a single drop or hit can damage something like a mouse or headset, so be careful.

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