6 Best Gaming Chairs with Speakers in 2024

6 Best Gaming Chairs with Speakers in 2024

Here at GravaStar, we know that gamers like to immerse themselves in the games they play. One of the best ways to feel like you're a part of the action is to get a gaming chair with built-in speakers. With that in mind, we decided to write a guide that looks at some of the best options on the market.

Choosing a great gaming chair with speakers gives you a unique audio experience where you're surrounded by the sounds, without having to wear anything on your head or be tethered to any cables. Going with a gaming chair without speakers requires you to wear a headset or headphones to get a similar experience, and it can be uncomfortable to wear these for long periods of time.

Through our research, we observed many reviews and comments from gamers and looked at a variety of chairs to choose our favorites. Using our experience in the industry and the aforementioned research, our top recommendation is the GTPLAYER Gaming Chair.

How We Picked

People searching for a gaming chair with speakers have to make some considerations before choosing the right option. Here are a few to think about, and why they matter.

Speaker Connectivity

Look for a chair that makes it easy to connect your speakers to an audio source. Generally, these chairs feature Bluetooth speakers that are easy to connect, but sometimes they may have cables that need a wired connection. 

A wireless connection is normally simpler to set up, and you won't need to worry about accidentally unplugging your speakers as you move and play.


While the gaming chair providing immersive audio is important, so is how comfortable it is. Search for a chair with padding throughout the back and seat, as well as armrests that are either at the right height or adjustable.

An uncomfortable chair can not only hurt your performance in-game, but also hurt your body in the real world, leaving you with a lot of aches and pains.


In addition to the speakers, look for gaming chairs with other extra functions or features. This could include a footrest for optimal relaxation while reclining and playing, or adjustable lumbar support to ensure the chair perfectly fits your posture and size.

Other Factors

Other factors to consider when looking for a gaming chair, with speakers or not, are the build quality and color options. Make sure to choose a chair that's well-built with strong materials so it'll last as long as possible before needing to be replaced.

Consider the color and design options too, as you want a chair that looks good in your gaming setup and has an aesthetic you enjoy. Many chairs come in multiple colors, and some may even feature built-in customizable RGB lighting.

Top Pick: GTPLAYER Gaming Chair

  • Size: 20.1"D x 18.1"W x 50"H (51.05 cm x 45.97 cm x 127 cm)
  • Speaker location: Both shoulder wings
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Comfort features: Foam cushioning, reclining, and plush armrests

Our best overall recommendation is the GTPLAYER Gaming Chair. It features two Bluetooth speakers (one on each shoulder wing), and it's incredibly easy to connect your device to play music or listen to the audio in your game of choice.

It has an ergonomically-friendly design in our opinion, and is wrapped in a faux leather that feels incredibly premium. The chair also comes in a few colors, so you're sure to find one you love.

The chair also features plenty of other features like adjustable height and lumbar support, a footrest, and a durable reinforced steel frame. We also like how quiet the chair is, which adds to the level of immersion that its speakers can provide in your favorite game.

In fact, YouTuber Kay Dubz posted an unboxing and review where he highlights how quiet the chair is and highlights how it doesn't make any kind of knocking sounds during use.

A downside is that the padding throughout the seat isn't as plush as it is with some other chairs. This doesn't mean it's uncomfortable by any means, but it may not have the ultra-soft plush feel that some gamers want in their gaming chair.

Runner-up: GTRACING Gaming Chair 

  • Size: 20.87"D x 21.65"W x 53.15"H (53.01 cm x 54.99 cm x 135 cm)
  • Speaker location: Both shoulder wings
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Comfort features: Smooth faux leather upholstery, reclining, and padded seat cushion

Another solid choice for gamers is the GTRACING Gaming Chair. It has a nice design and comes in a variety of different colors. It is wrapped in smooth leather that is soft and comfortable, and the chair features speakers in both shoulder wings.

Using the speakers is as easy as connecting them to a Bluetooth device, and it can be done in seconds. In addition to the speakers, other additions that we like about this chair include a footrest, adjustable back support, a strong metal frame, and a thick padded seat for incredible comfort while gaming.

YouTube channel Ergonomics Trends reviewed the chair and said the "ease at which you can tilt, lock, and recline the backrest" was one of his major highlights.

These types of features are great, in our opinion, as they give gamers a lot of control over how they want to sit and play their games. Being able to move and adjust how you sit and play can help stop your body aching from staying in the same position too long, too.

Unfortunately, the chair isn't as stable as some other options and there are some concerns about its durability.

Also Great: X Rocker Vibe 2.1 Bluetooth Pedestal Gaming Chair

  • Size: 33.07"D x 24.02"W x 39.7"H (84 cm x 61.01 cm x 100.84 cm )
  • Speaker location: Both shoulder wings and a subwoofer on the back
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth or wired connection
  • Comfort features: Soft and comfortable foam padding throughout, and back support

The X Rocker Vibe 2.1 Bluetooth Pedestal Gaming Chair has a unique pedestal design, but it is still a great option for gamers. This chair not only has the two shoulder wing speakers, but also a larger subwoofer on the back to take your in-game immersion to completely new heights.

You can connect using Bluetooth, but also a wired connection to attach to your favorite consoles. We like how there's even a control panel right on the chair where you can physically adjust things like the volume and bass of the speakers.

In our opinion, the comfort of the chair is another strong suit, as it has plush padding on the back, seat, and even the armrests. The chair also folds down, making it easy to store and move when you're done gaming and want to put it away.

The major drawback of this gaming chair is its price. While not out of this world, the chair is certainly more expensive than other options. Also, there's no dedicated lumbar support pillow, which some gamers who sit and play for long periods of time might miss.

The Competition

A couple of other gaming chairs with speakers worth checking out include:

X Rocker Pro Series H3 Vibrating Floor Video Gaming Chair: This chair has a minimalist design, sits close to the ground, and is strong enough to hold up to 300 lbs. It has dual speakers and a subwoofer for incredible sound, too. Unfortunately, it's an expensive option and some gamers also don't want to be playing so close to the floor.

Vanspace Gaming Chair with Bluetooth Speakers: This chair is all about the extra features as it has speakers, a footrest, a massage function, and even RGB lights that can be customized to your liking. However, it lags behind some other options when it comes to durability.

X Rocker SE 2.1 Video Gaming Floor Chair: This is a simple and affordable floor chair with built-in speakers, a comfortable design, and is small enough to fit almost any space. Unfortunately, the weight limit is low and the chair has no armrests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions you might have about gaming chairs with speakers.

What's the point of having speakers in a gaming chair?

Having speakers in your gaming chair offer a more immersive experience as the sound surrounds you as opposed to coming from your computer's speakers. Some speakers are even designed to provide additional bass and vibration to take your immersion to the next level.

Where are the speakers located in a gaming chair?

Generally, these small speakers are located in the headrest or the side "wings" of a gaming chair. That being said, they can also be located on the backrest for a more complete sound experience.

How to control the audio on a gaming chair with speakers?

This depends on the specific chair you choose. Some have an included remote or control panel for adjusting volume and other aspects of the sound, whereas others connect to your device via Bluetooth and let you adjust the sound remotely.

Final Thoughts

When using a chair with speakers, make sure to be careful. Speakers can be fragile, so a chair falling over or being hit/knocked in the wrong way could potentially break the speakers or impact the quality of their audio.

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