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Sirius Pro & Alpha65 Bundle

Sirius Pro & Alpha65 Bundle

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Only available in USA and UK.

Out of stocks in the U.S. and EU.

Out of stocks in the U.S. and EU.

Only available in USA.


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Sirius Pro & Alpha65 Bundle includes:

• 1 pcs of Sirius Pro earbuds
• 1 pcs of Alpha65 GaN 65W fast charger

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  • Includes
  • gravastar forbes
  • gravastar techradar
  • gravastar digitaltrends
  • gravastarwhathifi
1 x Sirius Pro Earbuds
1 x Alpha65 Charger white color

Customer Reviews

Based on 608 reviews
manu fleischmann
I liked these

these ear buds are quite comfortable and have good sound with easy to use/learn touch controls
Although they do some time bugout a bit like sometimes I'll pair them and no sound will come through but I just need to turn Bluetooth off and on again and the problem seems to be fixst


This company is very responsive and great to work with. I'd love to buy from them again.

Great product

Has been fantastic for over a year and a half, just run into an issue with the changing case, it won’t hold charge and can only charge earbuds when plugged into power.
Red light will display whole time even if left to charge for 24hrs, then it takes close to that time to charge earbuds.

Is there any way to buy just a charging replacement?

Hi, Darcy

Please contact our customer service team to help you to figure out your problem.

Jiovanie Velazquez

Gravastar, without a doubt, makes some of the coolest looking devices! I'm so glad the company doesn't make the usual boring solid-color, plain plastic, uninspired, cookie-cutter designs. Fantastic design here!

On top of that the materials and quality stands out above all the rest. The case feels solid and strong! Definitely has industrial strength.

The sound quality matches the build quality too! When I first used them, 100% legit... I said "whoa"!

After my air pods fizzled and cracked to death and my Google buds slowly faded to obscurity, I tried these and I'm not looking back!

Aviaq Møller
Always around my neck

Great sounds, but 4 stars because when ever I call someone they say it is low when I speak. We bought 3 differents colors