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Finally, a display of pride

Thank you GS⭐️! I had no faith in my purchase of the $UP€RN0¥@ other then I was buying a much cooler looking, noise making, paper weight, for my desk, then my previous one (JBL ....FLIP into the garbage). But since I was able to grab one of these SNovas for just under $100 during the best promo deal ever.... I thought..might as well , can't get worse then the FLIP (into someone elses bad dream). So without going over board with blah blah, I can only say that I'm an instant FAN! It's so great to finally see another company out there who truly shows a stand of pride for their products. It's been so bad lately I had begun to believe that I should drop having a standard as a consumer...because all too often these days we are expected to drop endless dollars to these companies and we should just be grateful that they still want to sell us their crap. These guys are legit and I'm so happy to say that...and I wish I would have known that their deals were not normally that good, other wise I would have bought at least one more SN and a Mars pro while the discount was smoking hot! So plz GS⭐️, forgive me for being so uniformed about your specials and send me an offer to save money on some speakers! I'm trying to hold on to the last of some money I had set aside to spend on luxuries, to see if I can grab another deal like the one you guys had through tictoc and your anniversary...I don't know how much longer I can wait, I'm seriously thinking about getting a marspro and SN for each of my kids for the holidays but if another steal of a deal comes by on something like a DJI product...I'm bound to lose focus and grab me a discounted Mini3pro

Sirius P5

Pretty good quality doesn't fit in the ears very well

I love the product, but I didn't like that it arrived faster and cheaper through Amazon. So for anyone thinking about buying from this company, check Amazon first. While the price may seem the same or maybe a couple of dollars more than the manufacturer's, after shipping costs, you will pay more buying from the manufacturer than from Amazon. You will also wait much longer. Amazon will usually get the item to you within a couple of days; the manufacturer takes a couple of weeks.

Sirius Pro

It works well from what my husband said. But for some reason one of the earbuds aren’t connecting even though it says it on the cellphone. We’re going to look more into that and resolve the issue

Mars Pro

Sound quality is great with a good dynamic range, built with solid materials, the lights are a great touch. A couple minor improvements to make it a stellar speaker would be a little more environmental resistance and a wider direction of sound from the tweeter side, when walking around the speaker it's quite noticable it doesn't fill the room.

4.9 out of 5.
Great features, great options, and 100% absolutely gorgeous! The only thing I would change would be the housing. It's pretty smooth so it almost feels slippery. BUT!!! That could just be me and my hand. Others might not agree. And why I say 4.9 out of 5. Even so, I definitely recommend picking one up if you're in the market.

Mars Pro
Chris D.

Mars Pro



Lovely piece

A lovely piece of jewellery. The leg moving is very clever & cool. Very happy to own one. The box that this piece comes in is made cheaply & not very well. Which is a shame for such a beautiful piece of jewelry that is limited

Nicely made mouse can’t argue with that but I found it far too small for me. Despite the fact that I’d only used it for about a minute and it was in pristine condition, indistinguishable from new, they flat out refused to let me return it and just suggested I used the stickers to make it bigger!

Will never order from this company again. They’re based in China so they don’t give a stuff about distance selling laws. I had to sell it at quite a loss on eBay in the end to recoup some money.

Top notch products, cant wait for the next product

Very cool design. Very convenient for charging. Very happy with purchase.

Sirius P5

Very nice quality product!

Great product, fast shipping. Really a cool item for the gaming set up or even the office.

Mars Pro
Sounds great looks Amazing

It is a solid speaker, bass is very good.

So cute

Loved the little robot charger. Super cute and adorable.

Sirius P5
Loved it

Love the sound quality and product.

Gamers favorite

My son loves this mouse for gaming. Lightweight, great response time, and air holes to keep his hand from sweating.

Never received my order… I even went to my local post office to double check with tracking number. Tracking number wasn’t even in the system. Emailed the company and never resolved the issue. Very disappointing!… that was a lot money to waste. Think twice before ordering from this company.

Hi, Sorry about this. Our customer service team will contact you soon about your order. It should be shipped from our ware house in the USA. We will figure out and get back to you soon. Please pay attention on your email. Sorry again for the inconvenience happened.

Amazing little side desk item, the plug being in the bottom was fun to find a extension for but amazing none the less

Mercury M1 Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

Garvastar M1 Pro Mouse: Responsive and Sturdy

The GarvaStar M1 Pro Mouse impresses with its instant responsiveness and durable build. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort during extended use, while its sleek aesthetic adds a touch of sophistication to any setup. While lacking customizable buttons, its versatile performance makes it an excellent choice for both work and play. Overall, the M1 Pro is a top-notch mouse that delivers on performance and reliability.


Its good i like the skeleton look

The only charger you'll ever need!

From design to functionality the charger is perfect, I was presently surprised by the forma factor and size but it fits comfortably in an extension cable amoung other plugs and the EU/UK plug option comes with handy adapters for UK sockets and EU sockets and comes stock with a US 2 pin plug so perfect for travel. Charges all my devices including steam deck and laptop! 10/10 would recommend. Also the eyes light up when it is providing power to a device which is a really nice touch! Deliver was fast and assembly was really easy.

Excelente producto

Estoy muy contento, cumple al 100% con mis espectativas, si tengo que decir algo malo es que me hubiera gustado tener el M1 pro en negro.