The Best Futuristic Bluetooth Speakers

You're more than a music lover - you need it like you need oxygen. However, you ALSO aren't the average music customer. You have a love for outer space, UFO's, and the latest tech gadgets.

You don't just want a speaker, you want a futuristic Bluetooth speaker. Having the right Bluetooth speaker can completely change your listening experience. Having a futuristic speaker takes that experience to a whole new level. You want crispy highs, even mids without muddiness, and thumping bass whether you listen to the Bee Gees or Cardi B - and you want it to look like it's straight out of a Sci-Fi film.

So what else do you really want out of your speaker? Does dancing colored water bursting from the seams impress you? How about a levitating speaker that doubles as a lamp? Maybe you're looking for one that looks like it runs its own universe and has the guns to prove it?

I've rounded up my top favorite Bluetooth speakers that will mesmerize your ears, satisfy your need to geek out on some intergalactic designs, and have you dancing like nobody's watching.

Quick Summary

  • If you want a budget speaker that doesn't skimp on sound and looks, the GravaStar Supernova is small, mighty, and a top contender.
  • If you love the calming effect of shooting water, you'll probably really enjoy the Lighted Dancing Water Speakers from Sharper Image.
  • If you like a speaker that looks like it's ready to battle space zombies while packing a huge sound and built-in light show into a small device, you're going to love the GravaStar Mars Pro.
  • If you're after an all around 360 sound that magically levitates and fills the room with a warm glow, the Ruixinda Levitating Floating Speaker is definitely a top pick.

Why Should You Get One?

Sure, you love listening to music on your phone, but if you really love your tunes, the sound that comes from tiny phone speakers will never satisfy your need to vibe. According to BBC Science Focus, "Music has the ability to change our mood through changing the way we perceive the world." If music has this much influence in your life, don't you want to optimize that experience with the best speaker you can get?

Best Futuristic Bluetooth Speaker: What to Consider


If your budget is $200, a $300 speaker won't make much sense. Of course the more expensive one might sound better, but a $200 speaker still has the ability to pump out some great jams. There's no need to go broke just to experience your favorite songs in mind-blowing high def.


Maybe you listen to music in your home office, or maybe you're playing beach volleyball in 90 degree weather. The features you want depend on how you will use your speaker the most! If you plan to use your speaker for calming nature sounds, do you really need thumping bass? You might think not - until you hear that huge thunderstorm boom from a killer surround sound speaker. Now I have you thinking, right?

If you're planning to use it while you mow the yard or workout in a packed gym, you're probably not going to need a desktop speaker that levitates. If you're wanting one for traveling, I doubt you're going to want a heavier 3 piece set that has to sit very still while it shoots lighted water. Think about how YOU will use your speaker, and you'll know exactly what features you're going to want the most!


Aesthetics are important - even in a speaker! If you have a minimalistic style room with clean lines, you probably don't want a speaker looking like it's straight out of Star Wars.

However, that speaker would be the icing on the cake in a game room decked out in wall-to-wall LED lights, a galactic looking game chair, and an oversized neon game controller on the wall. For those marathon first person shooter gaming sessions, it's just as crucial to have the right environment as it is to have the best gaming mouse for FPS. If you're looking for something futuristic but not crazy, a simple levitating speaker might be exactly what you need.

Best Futuristic Bluetooth Speaker

1.Gravastar Supernova

Nonpareil Option. Say farewell to humdrum audio equipment and say hello to the future with Supernova. This isn't your run-of-the-mill speaker, but a statement-making, mecha-inspired marvel raring to join your sonic party. Made from durable zinc alloy, its unique design turns heads, while its premium sound quality steals hearts. It's compact, with a handle that lets you take this 25W powerhouse everywhere. But what sets this champion apart is its phenomenal ability to pump out incredibly dynamic beats even at lower volume levels!

  • Bold, ahead-of-its-time design that's a conversation starter
  • Compact and portable, thanks to its handy carry handle
  • Superior sound performance with a robust 25W output
  • Oozes cool with mood-altering RGB lights boasting multiple colors and modes
  • Pair two Supernovas for a truly expansive stereo experience
Cons: While it's a master at setting the mood in any room or intimate gathering, the design might be overly futuristic for the traditionalists or the uninitiated.

    2. Lighted Dancing Water Speakers by Sharper Image

    Best Clean Design. Sharper Image is known for unique eye-catching gadgets, and the Lighted Dancing Water Speakers are no exception. This 3-piece set has a subwoofer and two speakers, and all three shoot spinning lighted water to the beat of your music. It's hypnotizing and impressive to say the least. This one doesn't even require a Bluetooth device - you have the option to plug in directly with an aux cord!


    • Beautiful water/light show that begs for attention
    • Nice bass sound with the included subwoofer
    • Aux cord for devices without Bluetooth


    • Not the best for traveling
    • Has to stay plugged in to work - no battery

    3. GravaStar Mars Pro

    Favorite Overall. This otherworldly looking beast is not for the mild-mannered, and has its own personality depending on the variation you choose. You can keep it low-key with black or white, or get one that's armed and ready for battle. This speaker radiates bass and offers full stereo all around sound - all while looking incredibly cool with 6 RGB lights that can dance to the beat. If you don't mind paying a mid-range price, this one definitely grabs your attention!


    • You can't ignore this fun, alien-looking design
    • Balanced and accurate sound with punchy bass
    • Rugged, zinc alloy design
    • Built in light show that can change with the beat


    • Not for someone wanting a speaker that "blends in"
    • Not a budget speaker

    4. Ruixinda Levitating Floating Speaker

    Best Mid-Range Priced Speaker. The Ruixinda Levitating Floating Speaker isn't for the thrifty spender, but it won't cost you a fortune either. This one has a clean futuristic look without being too "out there". It's simple yet mystifying as the UFO style speaker magnetically floats above the pedestal which doubles as a multicolor LED lamp. You can fill a large party room with its 5 watt stereo sound, and the 360 degree rotation just adds to the wow factor.


    • Clean design with fun levitating speaker
    • Doubles as colored LED lamp
    • Wall to wall sound - even in large rooms


    • Not the loudest bass

      Final Words

      You don't have to spend a fortune to get a futuristic Bluetooth speaker with an incredible sound. Look for things that are important to you, and then buy what you can afford! No matter how cool your speaker looks, music just sounds sweeter when you still have money left in your pocket.

      The GravaStar Supernova offers a budget friendly option without compromising features. Sharper Image has the Lighted Dancing Waters speaker if you like the hypnotizing effect of water moving to the beat of your tunes. If simplistic UFO style is your thing, the Ruixinda Levitating Floating Speaker might be your favorite speaker.

      If you want to go all in on a crazy futuristic speaker that looks like it could take over your entire room at any moment, you're probably not going to mind spending a little more for the Gravastar Mars Pro.

      Ultimately, the best speaker is the one that sounds the best to YOUR ears and has the features YOU want. Music says what words can't - and your speaker simply amplifies the emotion!

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