Best Bluetooth Speakers for Your Party Setup

Whether celebrating a birthday or just enjoying the summer sun, there’s nothing like a party. But any good host will know that music can make or break it, so it’s vital you have a good set of Bluetooth speakers for on the go to avoid dampening the vibe.

Finding the perfect Bluetooth speakers can be overwhelming at first. With so many options available, how do you know which ones are going to cut through the noise? Luckily, we’ve broken down all those important tech specs to help you find your party speaker, so all you have to do is create the perfect playlist.

What should I look for in Bluetooth party speakers?

Are they loud enough?

First and foremost, you want a powerful all-around sound that can do any song justice. The best Bluetooth speakers for a party will have a deep bass, accurate mid-range, crisp highs and equal loudness contour. This will allow you and your guests to enjoy a clear undistorted sound, even when the speaker is at the highest volume.

Do they have true wireless stereo technology?

When choosing speakers for your next party, make sure you look for Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Not only will this allow the tracks to keep playing without interruption through a clear connection, but it will also allow you to pair two Bluetooth speakers together to create a full surround-sound experience.

Do they have a good battery life?

You will also want to make sure your speakers’ battery life is up to the challenge. Picture this: you're blasting everyone’s favorite song, when all of a sudden, the speaker cuts out, and now your guests have to wait in silence while you wait for it to charge back up. Luckily, this kind of situation can be easily avoided by opting for a Bluetooth speaker with a long battery life – anything above 10 hours should see you through the night.

Are they durable?

Parties can sometimes get a little hectic, so the last thing you want is to find the perfect speaker only for it to get damaged on the night.  Look for speakers that are made out of a strong, sturdy material, such as zinc alloy, which absorbs shocks and protects against any accidental knocks.

Do they look the part?

What’s a party without a little aesthetic consideration? Whether it’s balloons and banners or strobe lighting, decorations can add to the whole vibe. Naturally, you want your speakers to look the part. Look for speakers with interesting design features, such as RGB lighting to take your party to the next level.

Best Bluetooth speakers for a party

GravaStar Mars Pro speakers

GravaStar Mars Pro speakers are the perfect companion to your next event whether you're throwing a house party or hosting a get-together in your backyard. With their Sci-Fi inspired aesthetic and RGB lighting, they are designed to match the party vibe, which will always get your guests in the mood for a night of fun.

Compact in size, they allow plenty of room for party games or a snack bar. Equally, the powerful bass, accurate mid-range and crisp highs mean they deliver loud, uninterrupted sound.

And if you want to make the most of that impressive sound, the touch volume control allows you to easily turn it up to 100.

With 15 hour battery life they will see you through right from dusk till dawn without disruption. The Bluetooth 5.0 feature means you can grab your two favorite Gravastar Mars Pro speakers, connect them together and create a surround sound stereo experience for all of your guests to party to. 

The GravaStar Mars Pro speakers are made from a zinc alloy sphere, making them super sturdy and durable.This means whether you're at the beach, camping or just on the go, you can rest easy knowing your GravaStar speaker is well protected. 

No matter where you choose to take your party, the Mars Pro’s compact, portable design and impressive volume make it the perfect companion for any get-together. 

GravStar Venus Speakers

The GravaStar Venus speakers are a little more compact than the Mars Pro range, making them ideal for parties on the move. They’re even fitted with a carabiner which allows you to easily clip them onto your bag or person and take the party with you.

The RGB lights will allow you to set the mood of your party at the touch of a button, and the sound quality is built to match. Designed with DSP audio algorithms, they fill any room with impressive sound and full bass, making them the perfect option for any get together. 

Like the Mars Pro, they benefit from Bluetooth 5.0 technology, and can be paired with another Venus speaker to create a full surround sound experience that’s sure to get the party started.

Planning your next party? Shop GravaStar’s Mars Pro range or Venus range, or read more from our blog here.

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