The Best Designed Wireless Gaming Earbuds

The Best Designed Wireless Gaming Earbuds

Wireless earbuds have been quickly replacing their wired counterparts rapidly in the last few years for cellphones, but now they are becoming more popular for gaming. This is because earbuds and headphones give gamers a better and more intimate experience with their games than full regular speakers or a surround sound system without disturbing those around them.

Not all earbuds are created equally when it comes to design and performance, so finding the perfect fit can lead you down the rabbit hole of sifting through countless product reviews and feeling like you’re not getting anywhere. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite wireless earbuds to give you a better and more rich gaming experience.

Cut the Cords

People are making the switch to wireless everything, from printers and household appliances to keyboards, mouses, and controllers; so why not earbuds? With wireless earbuds, you don’t have to worry about putting them in your pocket only to pull them out in a knotted bundle. They are the ultimate choice for comfort, style, portability, and ease of use.

What’s Important to Look For?

Sound Quality

You want to hear the game you’re playing, right? Then sound quality is super important. Gamers want to be able to experience their games with the best graphics in addition to the best sound possible. Earbuds and headphones alike should be able to broadcast the faintest sounds without being on max volume.

Battery Life

Nothing kills a gaming session like having to charge your controller or earbuds. It is pretty obvious, but we have to say it: a long battery life will allow you to play for longer. This is especially important with wireless earbuds because you have to put them in their charging station to use them instead of just having to switch to a wired connection like most controllers or over-the-ear headphones.


So you can hear the game, it is crystal clear, but the earbuds aren’t comfortable. Don’t sacrifice comfort for sound quality. Wireless earbuds should fit in your ear and not be a burden or uncomfortable. Be sure that you find the right ones for your ears without having to adjust them because they don’t sit right.


Whether you are coming up with an attack strategy with teammates or just having a friendly chat in the lobby, mic quality is another factor that gamers should be choosy about. Some microphones do a great job of isolating your voice, while others pick up on background sounds like people talking, the dog barking, or even the wind blowing. Try to find some that give your voice clarity without being washed out by pesky background noise.

Wireless Earbuds: Check Our Picks

Razer Hammerhead True Wireless

Razer is on the cutting edge of wireless earbuds for gamers. These lightweight and versatile earbuds are designed with the user in mind to give gamers the best experience possible. They are compact and have an active noise canceling feature designed to block out outside noise or distractions so you can focus on gaming. Aesthetically, these are small and somewhat basic looking. They don’t have many frills about them, which is exactly what some users want, asides from the green light that illuminates when they are in use. The Hammerhead earbuds easily pair with your device using Bluetooth and have a low latency of 60ms, so they are highly responsive to the action happening on your screen.


  • Carrying case holds three charges
  • Customizable settings using the app
  • Fast charging


  • No charging indicator on earbuds

EKSA GT1 Cobra

The EKSA GT1 Cobra earbuds are irresistibly cool looking. They come in a sleek carrying case reminiscent of an alien spaceship, doubles as a charging port, like most other wireless earbuds, and holds up to six full charges. The earbuds themselves can run for six hours before needing more juice. They perform exceptionally well, with an impressive latency of 45ms; you’d be hard-pressed to find many wireless that can compete and look this good. The EKSA GT1 Cobra toggles easily between music and gaming modes. Once you’re finished dominating a battle royale match, you can switch almost effortlessly to rocking out to your favorite music by pressing and holding one earbud for two seconds.


  • Two different-sized earbud inserts
  • 10m range
  • Low latency
  • Excellent battery life


  • No audio level controls

Gravastar Sirius Pro Earbuds

Another contender for wireless gaming earbuds is the Gravastar Sirius Pro. These look like they have survived a battle in space with all the damage and scratches on them, but don’t worry; they’re supposed to look like that. These unique earbuds give gamers rich sound quality and comfort without compromising latency. They are also equipped with 3D sound, so you can hear everything in-game, whether noises are in front, behind, above, or below, giving you an advantage against the competition. In addition to an array of colors and charging your earbuds, the carrying case is a bottle opener. Talk about versatility!


  • Very cool design
  • 3D sound capability
  • Three settings for movies, games, and music


  • Short battery life

Creative Outlier Pro

The Creative Outlier Pro earbuds are some of the best gaming earbuds on the market. While they appear simple in design, they have a scratch-resistant finish with a large carrying case. To access the earbuds within the case, you have to push a compartment out like a drawer. These stylish earbuds deliver incredible sound and comfort and then some. Toggling the noise canceling feature will diminish your battery life from fifteen to ten hours of usage time, allowing gamers staying power during marathon gaming sessions. If you happen to run out, plug them into the carrying case that doubles as the charger and take a ten-minute break, and by the time you come back, you’ve got two more hours of playtime. Another major plus is the microphone. There aren’t one or two, but a whopping total of six that not only pick up your voice but listen to your surroundings and prioritize your speaking on calls or communications.


  • High-quality noise cancellation
  • Unbelievably long battery life
  • Extremely comfortable customizable fit


  • Carrying case is larger than others

Wrapping Up (Wirelessly)

When it comes to picking earbuds based on design, it’s like finding your personal style. It can take some time, but ultimately what is right for you isn’t suitable for all. No matter what style of earbuds or headphones you choose, the most important thing is to make sure that they give you the best sound possible while being comfortable. There is no right or wrong style.

If you are gaming on a PC, console, or mobile device, you want to be able to experience the action visually and audibly as much as possible. Over-the-ear devices are the most common on the market, but due to significant advances and demand for smaller and more portable devices, wireless earbuds are gaining a foothold with regard to popularity. Check out some of the above mentioned products and see what is right for you.

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I’ve used multiple brands of earbuds and these are by far the best! The packaging, the metal holding case and the sound quality definitely a 10/10!

Leah Clark

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