Gravastar 2nd YEAR ANNIVERSAY!!!
Today is a meaningful day for Gravastar to celebrate its 2nd anniversary!! It marks 2 years of a strong, supportive corporate-hood since it’s been established.For the past two years, as a startup company, all of Gravastar members have been constantly striving for the development of the company with the goal of challenge and innovation.
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Give away KF94 Mask to Gravastar Fans!
In order to thank Gravastar fans, we have worked hard to get a batch of Korean KF94 masks which are equivalent to the USA N95 Mask. We will give away a pack of KF94 masks(5pcs) to whoever buys any color of Gravastar speaker.
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All Gravastar products are covered under a 1-year limited warranty, which starts on the date of purchase. This limited warranty covers any manufacturing or workmanship defects that might occur.
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The GravaStar speaker uses Bluetooth 5.0. Compared with Bluetooth 4.2, Bluetooth 5.0 minimizes playback delay, covers larger distances, and consumes less energy. Bluetooth 5.0 is also compatible with Bluetooth 4.2, making it the ideal choice for this innovative speaker.
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We are so excited to announce that our official website is finally officially launched today!! Sorry to keep everyone waiting and thank you for your constant support and love for GRAVASTAR. In order to give back to the GRAVASTAR fans, we’ve planned a series of special promotions for the website launch.
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Gravastar Bluetooth Speaker
Diehard classical music fans look away now – this futuristic bluetooth speaker is not for you. Designed to appeal to teens, SciFi fans and lovers of films like Star Wars and War of the Worlds, the Zoeao ‘Gravastar’ bluetooth speaker prides itself on its unusual design and a deep punchy bass sound.
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Gravastar is a futuristic Bluetooth speaker resembling a tripod that’s escaped from a sci-fi flick
For adventurous hardware manufacturers, speakers are a playground for creativity. We’ve seen speakers that look like tyres, gramophones, massive coins, and HAL 9000. But Gravastar could be the most arresting yet, given that it resembles a metal spider robot preparing to laser your face off. Fortunately, Gravastar is more interested in sending music to your ears than removing them. Its shock-absorbent zinc alloy shell houses a 20W speaker, and two Gravastars can be paired for stereo output. The tweeter/subwoofer separation reportedly provides “crystal-clear distortion-free sound”. And there’s ambient psychedelic lighting, to make sure no-one can miss the little metal critter sat in the corner of the room. Assuming it’s still there, of course. If it starts moving of its own accord, run.
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When the Alien shows you how a portable speaker should be made – GravaStar Revi
Top tech blog Craving Tech covers the latest updates in the technology industry and hands-on reviews on upcoming or current consumer products in the market. They tested GravaStar and highly recommended it.
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This Bluetooth speaker may look like an AI-monster from The Matrix but it sounds great
The GravaStar from Zoeao is the weirdest Bluetooth speaker I’ve reviewed, but that’s a good thing. It reminds me of a simpler time – the 1980s – when the characters on TV were often based on popular toys, and not the other way around. Plus, thanks to its Harmon Kardon guts, it sounds great.
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The GravaStar is a Bluetooth speaker with robotic charm
Its sci-fi vibe works great as a desktop or shelf speaker with curio cred.
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Gravastar in Indiegogo
Gravastar is one of the most successful speaker campaigns in crowdfunding history. Without all your support, we cannot make it! Thanks again!
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The coolest bluetooth speaker ever.
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