Gravastar 2nd YEAR ANNIVERSAY!!!

Dear everyone,

Today is a meaningful day for Gravastar to celebrate its 2nd anniversary!! 

It marks 2 years of a strong, supportive corporate-hood since it’s been established.

For the past two years, as a startup company, all of  Gravastar members  have been constantly striving for 
the development of the company with the goal of challenge and innovation. 

Looking back over the past two years, there were  a lot of things happened- product planning, launching 

in Indiegogo, production, shipping to backers, participation in the first CES exhibition, etc…

From challenging to startup until now, the reason we can grow except  our members’ efforts is because of 

your constant love, interest and support. 

As a CEO of Gravastar, I would like to thank you again for all of your support!!

The year 2020 will be a very important year and a milestone for Gravastar. It will be a historic year.

We will become a company who always challenges new things with better products and services.

As we celebrate the 2nd anniversary of our founding, once again, we are confident that our dreams will 

come true and we can achieve our goals.

Because of the Coronavirus, the world is in panic , but I believe that we can work together to overcome it!

Stay Safe!!

Thank you.

Gravastar CEO, Yong Huang


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