Give away KF94 Mask to Gravastar Fans!

In order to thank Gravastar fans, we have worked hard to get a batch of Korean KF94 masks which are equivalent to the USA N95 Mask. We will give away  a pack of KF94 masks(5pcs) to whoever buys any color of Gravastar speaker. 

We only have limited quantity of the masks, 
this giveaway mask event will be ended once the masks are run out. 
During the event, registered members still can enjoy 5% discount and free shipping.

We hope all of you and your family will be protected from COVID-19. 
Let’s overcome the disasters all together!!
*Buy 1 speaker to get 1 pack(5pcs) of KN94 Mask for free 
*KUKJE PHARMA Korean Brand
*We don’t sell mask, it’s only for giveaway

<< Gravastar 2nd YEAR ANNIVERSAY!!!